Xbox One Announcement - Not "Always-Online, but at least once a day" + Francis Response

Discussion in 'Gaming Discussion' started by Jofunu, May 21, 2013.

  1. Jofunu

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    Just dropping a bunch of links about the Xbox One announcement. I think that Microsoft totally botched it up lol. - IGN on Mandatory installs and the "fee" if you BUY a used copy of a game? about the FULL Fn MSRP..... $60 lol.
    They did mention you can "trade" your games some kind of way, but nothing concrete.

    And of course.... Francis..... Kotaku on "Always - Online"
    From this Kotaku Article -
    "And here's the bombshell:
    Kotaku: If I’m playing a single player game, do I have to be online at least once per hour or something like that? Or can I go weeks and weeks?
    Harrison: I believe it’s 24 hours.
    Kotaku: I’d have to connect online once every day.
    Harrison: Correct."
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    [​IMG]"Just got the new Xbox One"
  5. Jofunu

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    PS4 vs Xbox Neo
  6. Skyliner

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    a simple Google search shows you what it is, a HTPC
    The thing is, you can actually get a REAL HTPC that's a lot more powerful then what they offer.
  7. TheUnknowing

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    xbox one seems like more of a brick then a Wii-U, you dont need an xbox to control your tv and shit you have that stuff already lol
    Im definitely not getting the xbox one when it releases but i will be getting the ps4
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  9. Jamesulz

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    What happens when your internet dies, And it takes let's say ( 1 week ) for a new one to be installed?

    For sure Xbone will just be a [​IMG]
  10. FuriousFlex

    FuriousFlex Member

    xbox one was a fail imo.. i do not think the games are even worth for the system.. if ur a halo fanboy then i guess u will end up buying it
  11. Jofunu

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  12. stupidflys

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    i would prefer the Wii U to the XBOX ONE, i liked the ps3 and xbox 360 but this is too much for me for the XBOX one. you are playing a game, didnt save yet and your mom says XBOX OFF, then BAM gg wp, you just lost all that unsaved data :(
  13. FuriousFlex

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    once a day online.. what kinda bullshit is that? So lets say for whatever reason my internet goes out for a few days then what happens? they are finding little ways to milk ur money and spy on you or something da faq is going on over at microsoft?
  14. FuriousFlex

    FuriousFlex Member

    also, know that camera is looking at you all the time is kinda scary as fuck.. conspiracy or not u tell me .. a camera looking into your living room 24~7 don't find it kinda creepy? what happens when u put a towel or a ducktape over that shit to block it.. xbox wont start up?
  15. dmac13abc

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    yo xbox one can suck a big one with that always online ish lol
  16. Vanillawafers

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    Xbox One is definitely going to flop. Not a good system from everything I've been seeing.
  17. wordian

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    I agree that Xbox One looks like becoming a flop just like windows 8. Time to get somebody with brains to lead the company.
  18. Adresteia

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    I wonder if their marketing research department is still existing after this....arent they supposed to find out what we want before they make it?
  19. Jofunu

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    Well, they make a BOAT LOAD of money off of Ads on the Xbox Dashboard. They constantly through ads down your throat, but people are paying ridiculous amounts of money in order to advertise on it. I'll try to find an article talking about how ridiculous it is. . I think they are trying to build on that the current Dashboard in order to push more ads revenue along with getting you to purchase movies, shows, (maybe) Games (Microsoft has yet to say that Xboe One plays games kappa)....Also, they built in Bing so they get THAT Ad Revenue from searches.

    Basically, they have all these things that could possibly gain them tons of revenue. Honestly, Games seems to be an Afterthought for the Xbox One. They probably can suffer from Less Game sales as long as people are using the Xbox ONe for Everything else.
    Well, that's my opinion

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