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Discussion in 'Hammer Squad Stream Team' started by Anothernotch, Aug 13, 2014.

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    Hello Towelliee,

    My name is Josh aka Anothernotch, i am new to the streaming world but loving every minute of it. I have been streaming for just over 2 months and feel like im steadily growing, currently im sitting at 173 followers and on average about 15 viewers. I know its not a ton but im growing. I stream 6 nights a week Monday-Thursday 11 pm Pst to 1:30 am and Friday-Saturday 11 pm to 5 am. I am currently streaming Heroes of the Storm and Wildstar but will start streaming Warlords when it launches. Number one goal for my stream is to entertain I talk and respond to everyone during my stream. I would love the opportunity to rep the Hammer Squad.

    Josh aka Anothernotch

  2. Anothernotch

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    If you want to be apart of the hammer squad there is a thread you can post in, from there towelliee will eventually check you out and if he likes your stream he will invite you to the squad.

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