What happened to the Free company?

Discussion in 'Final Fantasy XIV: Realm Reborn' started by d3athwatcher, Sep 13, 2013.

  1. d3athwatcher

    d3athwatcher Member

    What happened to the Free company? ive been busy at work for the last two days so not been in-game,popped on tonight and i'm free company'less?
  2. TheUnknowing

    TheUnknowing Member

    Eh tons and tons of drama, i imagine it was probably disbanded, im not sure how it works in final fantasy, i left the free company close to a week ago now so...
  3. d3athwatcher

    d3athwatcher Member

    yeah i was around when the HARDCORE drama went down just it split like 2 days after. is this another FC just wanna have fun and not on my own lol

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