Trading MGSV PS4 for PC [Closed]

Discussion in 'Gaming Discussion' started by FuRiouSOne, Sep 3, 2015.

  1. FuRiouSOne

    FuRiouSOne New Member

    Just won Metal Gear Solid V from the stream and he mentioned to post here to try and trade for PC version. Anyone interested?
  2. FuRiouSOne

    FuRiouSOne New Member

    Never mind, apparently @towelliee sent me a steam key and i didn't bother to check soon enough as he stated it was for PS4. Today i decided what the hell lets try to use it it in steam to see what happens and this is what i get....


    Really sucks getting my hopes up in winning something this cool only to learn i got nothing at all :(.. If you happen to see this Towelliee it would be very nice of you to send me an unused steam key.
  3. FuRiouSOne

    FuRiouSOne New Member

    THE HAMMER came through!! Thank you @towelliee for making good on this mistake and sending me a working key!! Downloading MGSV now! YOU DA MAN!

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