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Discussion in 'World of Warcraft' started by towelliee, Feb 17, 2013.

  1. Jamesulz

    Jamesulz Member

    Ermahgerd to hard to install[​IMG]
  2. zeeAbe

    zeeAbe Member

    Boss health bars were an option from SUF (Shadowed Unit Frames), thanks for Towel for pointing those out.
  3. mattfreeman31

    mattfreeman31 New Member

    Hey, I just downloaded the ui and was wondering how to move the character health bar things and also the buffs that you have applied to you are on the right side instead of left therefore blocking the menu[/IMG]
  4. Jordan

    Jordan New Member

    Hi i just have one question, is this UI the current UI that towelliee is using? Or is is outdated?
  5. CharitableLad

    CharitableLad New Member

    It was updated 03-21-13 so yeah, it's up to date.
  6. Jordan

    Jordan New Member

    I have 1 more small problem. When the UI opened for the 1st time I had these default unit bars and can seem to get rid of them. Wondering if anyone knows the Addon for it so I can disable some how. Thanks,

  7. Jordan

    Jordan New Member

    OK so i found that they are the LUI unit bars. Im able to move them around but cant seem to delete it. What gives?
  8. dedhead

    dedhead New Member

    I have swapped pcs so had to download WoW again and the UI but i cant find the towelliee thing for adding toons again i have looked in the WTF files and all that :( any ideas?
  9. Skyliner

    Skyliner Moderator

    doesn't look like you followed the instructions, and setup the toon correctly

    do you mean this
  10. dedhead

    dedhead New Member

    yeah :D is it a separate download now?
    *cough* i just saw it saying so in big red writing :D my bad
    thank you for your help :)
  11. bassmanbruno

    bassmanbruno New Member

    so after the patch my UI is messed up and its pretty much back to the normal one - is there anyway to fix this or do we just have to wait? Or if I update the addons with curseclient will it fix it?
  12. zeeAbe

    zeeAbe Member

    When you log in, there is a button in the left lower corner "Add ons" click that and tick the box that says "load outdated add ons" or something similar, works normally after that.
  13. John Mohundro

    John Mohundro New Member

    OK i have a very minor problem, that i can't seem to fix. Everything has loaded in correctly, i've followed all the instructions to a t. But for some damn reason, i can't adjust the unit frame so that i can see my mana. what is the add on for the ui, and how can i edit it to my liking?
  14. zeeAbe

    zeeAbe Member

    Shadowed Unit Frames, opens up in game with /suf

    There you need to go into Enabled Units, either double click it or use the plus sign next to it to get to select the player option.

    Then you go to "Bars" and start selecting what bars you want to show.
  15. GzG Viper

    GzG Viper Member

    I have installed the UI and everything works great, but I need one thing answered. How do I enable combo points for my Rogue? They are not appearing.
  16. AcaBaka

    AcaBaka New Member

    Hey i just got Towelliee's UI and i wonder how i can get my NugComboBar to look the one he have on hes paladin.
  17. Kimble

    Kimble New Member

    Hello, after an update here it seems my frames stoped working and the default one took it's place. Tried messing around with options on SUF, but nothing.

    Anyone have a clue on how to fix it? Thx in advance.

  18. Pukutak

    Pukutak New Member

    Just a quick question before I install is it possible to turn the mod pack on and off freely, or is it always going to be on even on other toons? Also When I am just questing doing dailies and shit I would prefer to go to the default WoW UI, is that possible or no?
  19. Sve21

    Sve21 New Member

    So i don't have a WoW.exe folder so where do use the installer at.
  20. Galefrae

    Galefrae New Member

    Are there any plans on updating the pack

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