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Discussion in 'World of Warcraft' started by towelliee, Feb 17, 2013.

  1. Slade999

    Slade999 New Member

    How do I uninstall 3.5.1, and if I do uninstall it, will this damaged my computer?
  2. Skyliner

    Skyliner Moderator

  3. Tyler Hall

    Tyler Hall New Member

    Is there anyway I can get the export string of towelliee's Sacred Shield weak aura?
  4. cwzagy

    cwzagy New Member


    is there a way to get only auras from this UI? They look pretty awesome and i would like to have them in my UI.

    Thanks for help.
  5. mattfreeman31

    mattfreeman31 New Member

    I was wondering how to install on a mac i have never really been able to figure out how to install any addons for macs at all lol
  6. dedhead

    dedhead New Member

    that happens a lot with me i just open the addon and change profile to towelliee LUI
  7. Skyliner

    Skyliner Moderator

    do you run the toon setup tool and do "Additional toon" for them?
  8. Kajan

    Kajan New Member

    So.. how do I continue from here ? I did everything in the guide and it only takes me here. I didn't get a "Hammer's Up!" option while ingame either.
  9. Skyliner

    Skyliner Moderator

    that also looks like you did do the toon setup part.
    run the Towelliee.exe (downloaded from the link provided in the download page instructions) and select clean install if it's your 1st time.
    then your account / server/ toon
    if you want to setup another toon, do the additional toon option.
  10. Kajan

    Kajan New Member

    Hmm, well I did and nothing happend except for saying "Character **** is ready!".

    I replaced interface / fonts and wtf maps with the ones from Towelliee's pack. Logged into the game, started up Towelliee.exe and it said "<Name> on <server> is ready!". And then nothing else happend.

    NVM didn't notice you had to run the Towelliee.exe while the game was closed. Anyways thanks for the quick answer! Cheers, keep up the awesome work :D
  11. Kimble

    Kimble New Member

  12. zeeAbe

    zeeAbe Member

    Hey, got this problem where there is thin health and manabar from my self on top of the ability icons at the middle of screen. I installed the UI following the exact steps told to:

    EDIT: This only happens when in combat,
  13. CharitableLad

    CharitableLad New Member

    That's the target of your target. Unlock Shadowed Unit Frames by either typing in the command (I think it's /suf unlock) or opening its control panel and unlocking/removing them from there and simply moving the frame above the action bars.
  14. zeeAbe

    zeeAbe Member

    Thanks :)
  15. DPar

    DPar New Member


    I have a little problem with the animated portrait of my character.
    I don't see the face in it but the chest..
    Have a way to fix it?
  16. CharitableLad

    CharitableLad New Member

    Open up the vuhdo control panel (/vuhdo opt) and click on the spells tab. From here you can change what happens when you left and right click on targets using the Vuhdo raid frames. You can change left click to target and right click to Menu if that's what you're looking for but you can also bind spells to them.

    I've never heard of this problem before. I just logged in and looked around in the Shadowed Unit Frames options and I couldn't find anything, Sorry.
  17. Slade999

    Slade999 New Member

    So I installed towelliee's ui and this is what I get when I log in. I recently bought a second monitor so I can do dual monitors. It was working but when I relogged back into wow, all of the ui is all scrunched up together. My main screen is a widescreen and the second monitor is a regual square monitor. Is there a scaling option for the ui, or do I have reconfigure my widescreen resolution? Thank in advance!
  18. CharitableLad

    CharitableLad New Member

    There are two things that I can think of here:

    Try changing the resolution to 1920x1080 wide again or chucking it in windowed mode.There is also a Monitor option beside the Display Mode setting. Make sure it's set to primary.

    Hit ESC > Advanced > Adjust the UI scale, mine sits about one notch up from the lowest on the slider for a single widescreen display.
  19. Grovesy

    Grovesy New Member

    Hey just wondering if anyone can export Toweliee's Monk Weak Auras to pastebin or on here, having trouble taking them from the UI files and thats the only thing i want from them not the whole UI.

    Cheers for any help

  20. zeeAbe

    zeeAbe Member

    I have a question regarding the boss health bar Towelliee has during raids in top right corner. Especially during fights like Megaera where it shows health of both active heads and the bosses. I found option from DBM to show up to 4 healthbars of bosses but there seems to be no way to modify to style of it and it looks really awful, so either i am missing something or the HP bars aren't coming from DBM to Towelliee.

    EDIT: I also have started to have issue with the party menu in bottom right corner, the whole window has started to move into random places and i have to unlock VuhDo to move it manually to correct place.

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