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Discussion in 'World of Warcraft' started by towelliee, Feb 17, 2013.

  1. Dysanna

    Dysanna New Member

    Hey im new with this UI and i followed the steps that stood you needed to do but still when i launch the UI installer it cannot find my account even when i logg in and all and i dont know what to do... if someone could help me would be niceo_O
  2. Kylen74

    Kylen74 New Member

    Anyone figured out how to change the tooltip font size to a bigger size? I'm running on ultrawide and the default is just a little too small. Other than that excellent UI .
  3. Pribo

    Pribo New Member

    Hey I just downloaded Towelliee's UI and it's awsome! My only problem is that I want to make some modifications( move Skada to the other side etc.) but everything is blocked. Can anyone help pls?
  4. Repozer

    Repozer New Member

    Hey guys, So I installed the elvui version of his ui and now my raid frames are all messed up but everything else is the same. I have tried resetting the profile to towelliee's but it wont work. any ideas?
  5. Joel Kirklin

    Joel Kirklin New Member

    Hey everyone! struggling with the UI. Towellies basic profiles are not appearing for many of the addons especially bartender4 so i cant load his set up. anyone know how i can fix this to get his profiles to appear?
  6. dreadM

    dreadM New Member

    Hey guys,

    I have just installed the UI for the first time and have some issues.

    Can anyone tell me what the encircled things are?
    I want to have this removed mostly


  7. Coffee

    Coffee New Member

    I love the UI but i have one problem. everything seems to be locked. i would like to click on lui settings but when i click the button nothing happens. i'm trying to set up my keybinds but when i do /bt4 and click the keybind button nothing happens. its as if all of my interface and addon buttons are locked.
  8. srmljgm

    srmljgm New Member

    I have downloaded the UI and I cannot seem to get rid of the old nameplates. They are still up in the top left hand of the screen. They also pop up when I join groups. How do I get rid of them.
  9. StubbornMule

    StubbornMule New Member

    How do I remove whats around the blue circle in the picture?


  10. StubbornMule

    StubbornMule New Member

    :( Anyone? :(

  11. ang

    ang New Member

    I'm having the same issues that 2 people previously mentioned and any help would be greatly appreciated.

  12. xSpite

    xSpite New Member

  13. Punisher106

    Punisher106 New Member

    I'm trying to put up with the fact that the WeakAuras for a Pally are really bugged, and when I looked in the menu, I noticed that it's a missing texture. It's an ugly green box. The path for the texture points to Interface\Addons\WeakAuras\PowerAurasMedia\Auras\Aura154MonkChi1.tga, and looking in that folder, the tga files only go up to "Aura145.tga". Where can I find the files that I'm missing?
  14. ccK

    ccK New Member

    Same problem here. I found it that the problem is the masque addon. Once you disable it, all the tabs and dropdown menus work. Please, someone help!

  15. ccK

    ccK New Member

    I think I may have found the problem. I have the twitch app(used to be the curse app), which stores all the addons that you have. After I installed the addon pack, I updated all the addons. The thing is, my wow folder is not on C: and by default the twitch app updates the wow folder in C:. So I simply switch between wow profiles in the twitch dropdown menu, which is at the top right corner, right under your account name. After that, I chose the current wow folder path and update the addons. I also disabled the bagbrother addon and installed the bagnon.

    It worked!!!

  16. QuantumXrime

    QuantumXrime New Member

    So I am trying to use the UI and I do some changes from time to time on different aspects, but I don't do any major changes to the UI as a whole.

    When I take out some of the addons or at least turn them off, other aspects of the UI does not work, Like;

    - The Side panel
    - changing some things like;
    - Bartender
    - Voodu

    By "Does Not Work" I am meaning like the side panel doesn't show up to allow me to put stuff in it, and bartender does not allow me to turn on/off things like the blizzard art bar. I will be streaming today, I am going to be using the ElvUI set, because I can not get the LUI set working. any further questions I will be there.
  17. ang

    ang New Member

    I'm still super desperate to get rid of this. Does anyone know how or have any ideas?

  18. eriol

    eriol New Member

    hey i just use the new ui but my monitor is old and not that big so everything looks huge where can i set the scale so that fits my screen ty!
  19. Killarrrr

    Killarrrr New Member

    Heya guys, quick question.
    I am trying to remove something from my ui, but cant seem to figure out from it is from.

    Here an imgur of what i am talking about:

    thanks :)
  20. Droolindrood

    Droolindrood New Member

    Looks like combo points redux or something like that

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