Towelliee's WoW UI

Discussion in 'World of Warcraft' started by towelliee, Feb 17, 2013.

  1. ambassadorchan

    ambassadorchan New Member

    What worked for me was to go install Bartender4 addon. Someone in channel had same issue and this seemed to have fixed it.
  2. shindlerz

    shindlerz New Member

    [​IMG] Hi all, does anyone know which addon is causing the stuff highlighted in red in this picture? It's driving me nuts.
  3. Hardball89

    Hardball89 New Member

    Hello recently I have been experiencing a problem with my towelliee ui where I get a green box that appears over my consecration time bubble. I cant figure out what is causing it or what frame it is so I can disable/delete it. any ideas? I should also mention that it only appears when I'm in combat.
  4. Hardball89

    Hardball89 New Member

    I figured it out =D
  5. castiroth

    castiroth New Member

    I got this issue atm man how did you fix it ?


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