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Discussion in 'World of Warcraft' started by towelliee, Feb 17, 2013.

  1. ambassadorchan

    ambassadorchan New Member

    What worked for me was to go install Bartender4 addon. Someone in channel had same issue and this seemed to have fixed it.
  2. shindlerz

    shindlerz New Member

    [​IMG] Hi all, does anyone know which addon is causing the stuff highlighted in red in this picture? It's driving me nuts.
  3. Hardball89

    Hardball89 New Member

    Hello recently I have been experiencing a problem with my towelliee ui where I get a green box that appears over my consecration time bubble. I cant figure out what is causing it or what frame it is so I can disable/delete it. any ideas? I should also mention that it only appears when I'm in combat.
  4. Hardball89

    Hardball89 New Member

    I figured it out =D
  5. castiroth

    castiroth New Member

    I got this issue atm man how did you fix it ?

  6. Mike Phillips

    Mike Phillips New Member

    Can anyone help me with the above issue? " I get a green box that appears over my consecration time bubble"

    I still cant figure out what is causing it or how to get rid of it. Thanks!
  7. Hardball89

    Hardball89 New Member

    Sorry for the late reply been busy with work. The green box is part of a weak aura. The name escapes me but you can find it by opening the weak aura options box with /Wa. After you open it. Turn the visibility for each weak aura group off and on until you find the one that controls the green box. Once I found it I deleted the group didn't see a need for it.
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  8. Torrok

    Torrok New Member

    @Skyliner @towelliee When can we expect a new UI update? LUI Core & Vuhdo has both released new updates for 7.1.5, trying to install them myself just screws with the UI. And my knowledge to fix it is lacking.
  9. Jasper21

    Jasper21 New Member

    Okay, Towelliee just changed from the "New" UI back to his "Old". is the "New" UI within the download? I loved it!
  10. TerruTaru

    TerruTaru New Member

    Where can I remove this timer box under?

  11. gotshadow

    gotshadow New Member

    So I've updated everything except LUI core, as when that is updated it sends Bartender into a hissy fit.
    But now I'm getting these warnings every couple minutes:

    Any idea what is causing this?
  12. Vlad Cretu

    Vlad Cretu New Member

    Someone know what's the name of Addon for bags arrange (towelliee use). THX
  13. Jordan

    Jordan New Member

    I just did a clean install and everything is as its supposed to be except for towelliees DBM layout, instead the bars are very small and all over the place. Is anyone else having this problem and do we know what the corrective action is? Thanks.
  14. Azurewraith

    Azurewraith New Member

    So I followed what the website told me to do and when I load my game it says that some addons are out of date to load anyway or not load I tried both ways and did the hammers up and update and this is what happens
    [​IMG][/URL][/IMG] [​IMG]
  15. Torrok

    Torrok New Member

    Install his UI as it is said on the website, if you wanna update the addons out of date do so, but exclude VuhDo & LUI Core, that is what fucks it all up.
  16. Rooneyboy

    Rooneyboy New Member

    Hey Hammersquad,
    i have a few questions about editing the ui
    i want to remove the energy bar in the middle also i want to make an energy bar in the name and hp bar like other classes have, last i wanna know how to remove the boarders, i tryd a lot of menus, but i dont wanna change other things and this happend to much now
    ty for your help
  17. lexangoooo

    lexangoooo New Member

    Having the same issue as gotshadow
  18. Punisher106

    Punisher106 New Member

    Hey, so I tried to install this UI, and I'm met with the following.
    Anybody know what to do to fix this? I can't even send messages in chat, not even commands.
  19. Pandoras_Box

    Pandoras_Box New Member

    Having the same issue at Punisher106.
  20. alduviel

    alduviel New Member

    1.) You must update yours Weakaura, i recommend
    2.) Delete in weakaura (/wa) AP/... beacuse of this you have errors in chat .
    there you have, updated Artifact power & Ancient mana circle (v3.0)
    3.) delete SotR Charges/LotP in wa (this is somthing green you see)
    I hope I helped

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