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Discussion in 'World of Warcraft' started by towelliee, Feb 17, 2013.

  1. elesh

    elesh New Member

    Hello, guys, please help me with my problem.

    Installed properly Towelliee UI, everything works properly, exept names!.

    My name, name of the target, target of target name, focus name, target of focus name shows as "?????????" instead of letters.
    Localized problem, its SUF, in default settings, names display correctly.
    But when im using Towelliee's settings i got "????????"[​IMG]
  2. Nessiroj

    Nessiroj New Member

  3. elesh

    elesh New Member

    But how they can help? In default settings, names display correctly, no problem with localisation.

    Problem in Tow's settings, something was made wrong. How can other forum help, if they don't know what Towelliee did in his UI
  4. Nessiroj

    Nessiroj New Member

    Did you try an update off all the addons to see if that fixes anything? The ui download on wowinterface doesn't have all addons up to date cause they chance to often (i'm not using his UI just trying to help)
  5. elesh

    elesh New Member

    As i said, i localized problem, yep, some of addons out of date, but works fine, and bug tracker keep silence.
    SUF dont ask for update
  6. Nessiroj

    Nessiroj New Member

    Can you check if in the <wowfolder>\interrface\addons\ShadowedUnitFrames\localization\ folder is a ruRU.lua if not just download the zip file from curse to a seperate folder and copy over\ShadowedUnitFrames\localization\ruRU.lua to your folder and see if that works
  7. elesh

    elesh New Member

    Yes, it is existing
  8. Nessiroj

    Nessiroj New Member

    Make a backup of it (rename to ruRU.lua.bak orso) and try to copyt the one from SuF download and overwrite it see if that fixes anything. That's the last thing i could try to help you with i guess since not using the UI myself and using enGB client.
  9. elesh

    elesh New Member

    I did, nothing changed, still ????? instead of names=\
  10. Wolfadin

    Wolfadin New Member

    Has anybody ever ran into the problem of your extra action bar (the bar that pops up for quests/raids, ect) being locked and not able to move. Mine shows up right in the middle of the screen and completely covers my character and I would like to move it. I have messed around with bartender for hours to fix and it does nothing.
  11. Jordan

    Jordan New Member

  12. Murdabenne

    Murdabenne New Member

    Exact same thing here - someone else posted this the previous page, and my post is there as well. So that's 3 of us, Help me Towelliee-wan Kenobi, you're my only hope.
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  13. WspJakub

    WspJakub New Member

  14. Proxy

    Proxy New Member

    Would anyone be will to help me set it up to look like towelies with the addons that he has currently i did the video down to the t and it still looks nothing like his and i started to mess around around with it and im still confused so if someone could help me that would be helpful thank you
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  15. Endeshe

    Endeshe New Member

    I cant see my weapon stats, and also i cant use my artifact table to level up traits..

    anyone know whats up with that?>
  16. Korendir2013

    Korendir2013 New Member

    Okay, so unfortunately the WA that Towelliee put on his legion page ( doesn't have the full code for the entire WA package.. It only has the Consecration part which is the solid indigo circle (although it is titled Consecration)... To get the other 2 parts, you will have to go to Slootbag's website.. in the Weak Auras section.
    1) The ring is the Shield of The Righteous charges and Light of the Protector (and talent) cooldown (bottom right segment). (SoTR Charges/LoTP Ring).
    2) The timer should be the Shield of The Righteous WA.. However, the image is a different background from the one that Towelliee uses.. It shows an image of the SoTR icon..

    You will have to play around with each group to get it exactly like Towelliee's ... I haven't played with it fully, since I don't really have time right now..

    Btw, follow the steps provided on Slootbag's WA page at the top to download the images he uses in all of his WA's.
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  17. powatwoopa

    powatwoopa New Member

    ok i just fixed all my toons addons to towellies..
    i then log off completely.. and then the entire thing shows as if i didnt do a damn thing.. wtf
  18. Bas

    Bas New Member

    Anyone have any ideas how to fix this? Thanks!
  19. dimz1867

    dimz1867 New Member

    It's the font, it doesn't support Russian, try Arial Narrow.
  20. Dorrian

    Dorrian New Member

    Thank you so much! been trying to get this figured out forever, gonna mess around with it and see if i can get it.

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