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Discussion in 'World of Warcraft' started by towelliee, Feb 17, 2013.

  1. Drexl27

    Drexl27 New Member

    How do I make it so I don't automatically start casting Flash Heal when I click on an ally on my raid frames? There are so many addons in this package that I'm having a difficult time pinpointing what causes this to happen. It's very annoying, but other than that, this UI package is great. Thanks in advance for the help!
  2. AdamJ

    AdamJ Member

    Drexl27, this is most likely happening because of the VuhDo addon. This addon handles your raid frames and allows you to decide what happens when you mouse click over them (in this case, flash heal).

    Try this:
    1. Log into game and type "/vuhdo opt"
    2. Click on the "Spells" tab at the bottom
    3. The second panel there should say Mouse Key -- this is where you setup what spells you want to activate when you click those corresponding buttons while hovering over a target in your raid frames. Most likely the Left Button of Right Button will say Flash Heal here
    4. If you don't want a spell to cast, replace Flash Heal with "target" and this will cause you to target whoever you are clicking on. Alternatively you can just remove the text and have it do nothing
    Let me know if this works.
  3. Drexl27

    Drexl27 New Member

    Hmm, it says VuhDo Options plugin not loaded. I logged out to make sure it's enabled, and it is checked and not labeled out of date or anything.

    Edit: The options are still not opening up, but if I get it to come up, I also want to make sure that I can click on a member and target them, which doesn't appear to work. As I mentioned before, it just automatically flash heals them without targeting them at all. Thanks in advance!
  4. AdamJ

    AdamJ Member

    Unfortunately, by default, the VuhDo options module for the plugin is not included within Towelliee's download. Check back on page 24 of this thread, post #476, for directions how how to install the VuhDo options module.
  5. crashorburn

    crashorburn New Member

    Hi, Installed the ui and everything is good but now I can't use the logout and exit game buttons in the menu anymore. If I click them nothing happens
  6. TGFantasy

    TGFantasy New Member

    Hi, i have been trying to install the Addons. But whenever i put the Towellie.exe in my WoW Folder and run it, it says this G:\World of Warcraft\WTF\LUI-Towelliee\Setup\ACCOUNTNAMEHERE_NOTEMAIL'..

    I don't know what im supposed to do and i would love some kinda guidance.

    sincerely TGFantasy
  7. alberonimous

    alberonimous New Member

    I've downloaded the towelliee ui but my ingame interface doesn't appear to have LUI looking as it should. I've checked and the folder has all the addons it should do but they just don't seem to be setting up properly when I click 'Hammers Up'. I've tried deleting and reinstalling the installers and the folders for the ui but it's still coming out pretty much half complete.

    Any ideas?

  8. Dorrian

    Dorrian New Member

    can someone please tell me how to get this [​IMG] I have the consecration WA but not the yellow cooldowns associated with the image. Thanks so much for any help.
  9. AdamJ

    AdamJ Member

    Can you post some screenshots of what doesn't look right or describe it?
  10. Bliskin

    Bliskin New Member

    Hi, I recently got the UI and changed a few things to my liking. I went to do it for an additional toon which ended up not working and instead messed up my UI that I worked on for around an hour. I messed with the backup file but I can't seem to get it back to the way it was. I really don't want to have to do all the fine tuning and adjustments I did again.
  11. AdamJ

    AdamJ Member

    When you use the .exe to setup another toon, is it possible that you may have selected the 'Clean install' radio option in the application? Just trying to think through what could have happened. Unfortunately I do not know all of the ins and outs for what the .exe does upon initial setup other than potentially setting all of the addon's to Towelliee's profiles to make it look like this UI in game.

    Unless you have a backups of your WTF, Interface, and Fonts folders, I don't think there is much that you can do to get your settings back. You could either do a clean install again and re-do your settings or you could describe how your UI looks different than Towelliee's and we could trouble shoot it that way.

    Starting on page 24 of this thread, I've posted a number of instructions sets on how to get addon's looking like Towelliee's in game version. If you have made your own specific modifications after that, I don't know how to get those back for you.

    Regarding setting up additional toons, if you already have one toon setup the way you want (especially if you are making a lot of 'after market' changes to your own liking), then take a look at my post #467 on page 24 of this thread for how to really easily setup additional toons.
  12. AdamJ

    AdamJ Member

    Can you describe which parts of the UI don't look like they should? Screenshots would be helpful if possible.
  13. Bliskin

    Bliskin New Member

    I did do clean install because I tried doing the additional toons option instead but it didn't work. I assumed that if anything happened I had the backup folder to save the day but I guess not =/
  14. Murdabenne

    Murdabenne New Member

    I tried the install and got an error every time:
    Could Not Find Directory F:World of Warcraft\WTF\LUI-Towelliee\Setup\ACCOUNTNAMEHERE_NOTEMAIL'
    And it deletes my entire WTF contents, erasing all my other toons, etc. At least I had that backed up first.

  15. Drexl27

    Drexl27 New Member

    Can anyone help me figure out how to show an experience bar with this UI? I'm leveling an alt with the same UI and would like to see this bar. Thanks!
  16. AdamJ

    AdamJ Member

    Ello there. Couple options for you:
    1. There is a built in exp bar that you can use that is controlled through Bartender 4
    2. Type "/bt4" into chat to bring up the bartender options
    3. Left click on the "XP Bar" on the left hand side at the bottom
    4. In the panel on the right that populates on the right, click the check box next to "Enabled"
    5. You can then change some options about the bar itself
    6. Additionally in the same options panel in the top left, you can uncheck the "Lock" box to move it around (it will be highlighted in green)
    Alternatively, I found a cool circular xp bar that you can create through WeakAuras.
    1. Go to the following LINK
    2. Copy the 'Import String' on that page (all of it)
    3. Type "/wa" in chat to bring up the options for WeakAuras
    4. Left click on "New" at the top of the left panel
    5. At the bottom of the right panel, you will see a bar for "Import" - click that
    6. Paste the "Import String" that you got from the website I linked earlier and then click done
    7. It might ask you if you're sure, just click through those dialogue boxes
    Let me know if this works for you.
  17. Drexl27

    Drexl27 New Member

    Awesome, tyvm!
  18. Dorrian

    Dorrian New Member

    Still looking on how to get this [​IMG] I have the consecration WA but not the rest of stuff you see in the image. Thanks for any help :)
  19. alberonimous

    alberonimous New Member

    [​IMG] The bit I lost is the bar across the top and the bag addon isn't working
  20. Bas

    Bas New Member

    I've installed and reinstalled the add-on package a few times.

    When I first install, Skada and Omen appear in the center, but once I click hammertime they are gone. I'm able to edit their settings (and have insured, I think, that they're not hidden), but no boxes appear -- in combat or out.

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