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Discussion in 'World of Warcraft' started by towelliee, Feb 17, 2013.

  1. Jordan

    Jordan New Member

    I figured out what was wrong and I click hammers up and the toon is ready, but when i enter game its still the original WOW UI.
  2. AdamJ

    AdamJ Member

    We're you able to figure out what was wrong and fix it though? Given you have a couple of problems with the install, I would recommend starting over and deleting the WTF, Interface, and Fonts folders and trying it again from scratch.
  3. Jordan

    Jordan New Member

    So what I did initially was drag the WTF file out of the Towelliee folder and into the WoW folder, which I thought was the fix because the install then gave me a green light but I then proceeded to log in and no new interface. I then took your recommendation and deleted the Towelliee folder and installed it again. Still nothing. :(
  4. Vlad Cretu

    Vlad Cretu New Member

    How can make info tooltip BOX to remain active, even when i'm in combat ? (mouse over infobox)
  5. Arrgath

    Arrgath New Member

  6. GeorgeBB

    GeorgeBB New Member

  7. Vlad Cretu

    Vlad Cretu New Member

    Type /ert, go to "Raid cooldowns" and you have there options to "Lock/UnLock" or "Enable/Disable". Hope this help you. You have to disable it. :D
  8. Dreadbelch

    Dreadbelch New Member

    Hello, I'm having a small problem with the clever sliding cabinet UI feature on the right side of the UI. I just moved from Bartender4 to Dominos and so the action bar no longer fades in and out when I press the button. Is there a mod or something to make the action bar fade in and out when the button is pressed, or how does that work?

  9. Ohliuf

    Ohliuf New Member

    For the LOVE of GOD I cannot move this fucking thing... please help! I used the bartender to move it but it still stays in its initial position.
  10. atactical

    atactical New Member

    My Parrot Addon randomly reset today, and all of the profiles are gone. Is there a way to just copy Towelliee's parrot profile without having to redo everything?
  11. redward

    redward New Member

    Hey been watching Towelliee's stream and I like the way he has castbar style auras for his nameplates. He said he uses KuiNameplates but I don't see any option to make them look like that. Here's a pic:
    Anyone know what addon does that?
  12. Damnluck

    Damnluck New Member

    I installed everything without any errors and the UI loaded in-game. My problem is that I can't config most of the addons. For example if I type /prat, i get a millisecond freez then nothing happens. Same goes for bartender and even LUI options. Are these settings locked somehow and I have to unlock them?

    Update 1: Updating the addons to the latest versions didn't fix the issue.

    Update 2: I got it fixed. I had an old instance of ElvUI from WOD in my addons folder. Removing it fixed my issue.
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  13. Damnluck

    Damnluck New Member

    Does anyone have a guide on how to make the 2 weakauras for artefactpower and exp bars same as towelliee's?
  14. Twinmage

    Twinmage New Member

  15. Sugermanftw

    Sugermanftw New Member

    Hello i have been using towlliee ui for quite some time and i ran into a problem during legion. sometimes when i open my map the game crashes and kind of does some sort of rollback of all the changes i made to the ui. there is also another issue that when i log in it opens up the artifact window automatically. Thank you please help!
  16. Bane

    Bane New Member

    Hello, I was wondering what WeakAura this is? I know its for Consecration, I would love to use it for my Prot pali. It is not currently in the WA folder that is on the UI site, is it possible to get a string dump or a website that has it?

  17. AdamJ

    AdamJ Member

    Take a backup just incase, but within your Interface folder, delete your 'Buttons' folder and then let WoW create a new one next time you log in.

    Let me know if that worked.
  18. telzz

    telzz New Member

    I have the exact same problem, very annoying no fix found so far
  19. Ohliuf

    Ohliuf New Member

    Adam is it possible to reinstall only KUI Nameplates and make it look like Towelliee's again? The addon kind of bugged from one of the latest updates and it doesn't look like it used to so I want to reinstall it. The problem is I don't want to do full UI reinstall because I changed how a lot of stuff look and don't want to do it all over again.
  20. AdamJ

    AdamJ Member

    Hey, yes, you should be able to re-install just one addon. If you're sure that it's the latest version/update that messed your UI up, I might try the following:
    1. Make a quick backup of your addons folder just in case something else makes it even worse than it is now (never hurts)
    2. Go into your Interface > Addons folder and delete the four folders that start with "Kui_"
    3. Go back to wowinterface and re-download Towelliee's UI folder [LINK]
    4. Open the Interface > Addon folder and copy over the four folders that start with "Kui_" -- this should be the older versions prior to the update
    5. Load up the game and see if that fixes your issue. I just logged in and the profile for Kui is set to default so I don't think there is anything else to do here
    If that fixes your problem, you might want to just make sure that you don't update the Kui addon if it's giving you problems. Periodically you could take a quick backup of you addons folder, update Kui and see if it breaks your UI again. If it does, you can just copy in the backup.

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