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Discussion in 'World of Warcraft' started by towelliee, Feb 17, 2013.

  1. Skyliner

    Skyliner Moderator

    by doing clean install on each toon you pretty much reset the toon you did before that, that's the point of additional toons.
    and like i said on the download page and as 1st post in this thread, if you have problems run the installer as administrator
  2. Skyliner

    Skyliner Moderator

    that looks like you just installed regular LUI by itself, not towlliees ui, for towelliee's download from the link in the 1st post on this thread.
  3. Skyliner

    Skyliner Moderator

    Updated to 3.0.2
    • Reverted back to old install type (removed the exe file) due to false positive detection by a few anti-virus programs.
    • Updated WeakAuras to include Towelliee's paladin Auras
    • Updated all addons to latest versions available.
    • Added !NoTaint for them Glyph change issue.


    Will updating mess up the current scaling options I have set up?
  5. Skyliner

    Skyliner Moderator

    it might
  6. DjIceMan

    DjIceMan New Member

    Any way to set the stack & sort to sort from the top? like usal bags do? i
  7. Odín

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  8. James B

    James B New Member

    Every time I try to install the UI I get an error of; "Could not fine directory 'C:\Program Files (x86)\World of Warcraft\WTF\LUI-Towelliee|Setup\ACCOUNTNAMEHE " I dont understand Im following the instructions exactly and it pops up every time. Im about to do a clean install of WoW and try again...any suggestions?
  9. Skyliner

    Skyliner Moderator

    has nothing to do with your wow install.
    make sure you have the latest versions (uploaded new ui pack and installer tool the other day) they are now split into 2 separate downloads

    to be sure i just did a clean download and install of both components and it worked fine for me.
    make sure you unzip both zip files into your wow folder.

    look in your WTF folderthat it contains the folder the installer says is missing.
  10. jakmuiz

    jakmuiz New Member

    Go to Vudu settings and set the profile to Towelliee's. I have that problem, and that is how I get it fixed.
  11. Twisted_Thrasher

    Twisted_Thrasher New Member

    How do I get it to show my debuffs on bosses, kind of important for a lock to see when to refresh
  12. Jardon00

    Jardon00 Member

    awesome UI, I've been using it for awhile now, thanks Towelliee
  13. Rinmoku

    Rinmoku New Member

    Would it be possible to get a compilation list of what Addons he uses instead of getting the bulk package? i seem to see a lot of people asking for it in towelliees chat. thanks skyliner, awesome UI you've made.
  14. Kedea74

    Kedea74 New Member

    I Luv this UI but in have an issue, im unable to save the Setting in LUI at all once ive corrected everything to my standard and its getting agrevating. Theres no option to save the LUI setting at all and not even on the Bartender 4.
    When i log the game and relog later on i need to DO hammerup again and it gets fucked up all over again, and i need to do the ui settings again.
  15. interplus

    interplus New Member

    how would you turn of Consolidated Buffs in the UI?
  16. Hawdskinna

    Hawdskinna New Member

    [​IMG] (if that didn't work)

    I've tried multiple times now to install the UI based on the instructions, and any minor variation I could think of... but this is my result each time..... What am I doing wrong
  17. Skyliner

    Skyliner Moderator

    these are the instructions from the setup tool download page
    Installer/Game Instructions

    Step 1 : Make sure you have the latest version of Towelliee's Tank UI.
    Step 2 : Unzip Towelliee's Tank UI to your wow folder.
    Step 3 : Put Towelliee.exe in your wow folder (same folder where wow.exe is)
    Step 4 : Run Towelliee.exe (the Toon setup installer) from your wow folder, and select the appropriate install type, for initial install it is recommended to do a Clean Install (some installer info below).
    Step 5 : Once you're in game just click that HAMMERS UP!!! button.
  18. Adam

    Adam New Member

    I have recently installed weakauras, and want to know how Towelliee gets his holy power on his paladin. That's all I need to know about, and that's my only use for the mod. I believe you can import a string of code and it will make everything by itself. The code would be nice and simple or step by step instructions would work too. Thanks any help would be appreciated.
  19. dave lefurgey

    dave lefurgey New Member

    Love the UI, but unfortunatly i have a small issue and cant figure out how to fix it. on my monk i get the proper nug combo bar for my chi but i also get this big set of circles right in the middle of screen that also fill as i generate chi, it dosent really effect my play but it sure as hell is annoying
    i would post an image but have no place i can upload it to.
  20. TheUnknowing

    TheUnknowing Member

    The circles are from Weak Aura's i believe, you could disable them by that but i prefer the circles over the nug combo bar personally.

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