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Discussion in 'Wildstar' started by bgodbgg, May 6, 2014.

  1. bgodbgg

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    (If the raid guild forums go up between now and Thursday, I'll move this to there)

    I'm looking for a few others who will be playing the open beta a decent amount and want to figure out some of the faster ways to get 1-30, farm mats for crafting, etc. Basically figuring out how to advance to 50 and get ready for raiding as fast as possible. Reply/message me if interested (I'll be running a spellslinger heals/dps)
  2. Entreped

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    I am interested! I was planning on doing same thing. Will be medic heals main spec with dps offspec. I have been working on this for the past 2 Beta's and honestly I still have not figured out the "most efficient." I am a min/maxer at heart. I like getting to the end game as fast as possible and getting geared for raid content. And since we have 2 weeks to get maxed and ready for raid this will help out greatly.

    More people we can get in on this to share tips and ideas the better in my opinion. I hope a lot of the recruits for the guild hop on to these forums before the real ones are created so we can get this rolling.
  3. bgodbgg

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    Yeah I have a few links for some stuff such as tips for making gold while leveling, what's currently fastests, housing, crafting, etc.
  4. Lottobott

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    This sounds very interesting. I did not figure out much on the beta that I played. I literally only did some quests to level up a bit. Never got into it. I am planning on going hardcore on the headstart / launch and I learn very quickly. I will be playing DPS Engineer and having help would be awesome. Also, will there be beta access between now and the launch/headstart?
  5. Lottobott

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    Those links for what you mentioned would really help and be much appreciated btw. :D
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    I'm wating on these forums, got alot of posting to do.

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