To Towellie and Sparty!

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    Couple months ago I had come across your twitter posts and I had watched a few of your broadcasts and I had made a rash conclusion about you. My name is Justin McCray or (Mordecai, an OpenRaid leader) and want to introduce myself to you. You seem to be good friends with Slootbag and any friend of Slootbag is a friend of mine. I had called you out as an extremely negative person on twitter and after watching couple more broadcasts the past month and reading the WoW blog about you, I changed my mind about you. You seem very facetious sometimes on Air, and I was too overly sensitive and took it as extreme negativity. You're popular for a reason, because you appeal to various types of people. I subscribed to you for a month because you're an entertainer but also a member of the Warcraft community, and avid raider like Slootbag. Your style is unique as is Sparty Smallwood, your raid leader. Sparty is an asset to the Warcraft community even though he is abrasive, he truly is helpful.

    You, Towellie have a gift, like Slootbag, you can build up this community alot more than anyone else. World of Warcraft isn't dying, regardless of what the naysayers and the blizz-haters say. It continues to transform into something different because of the developers and players are too passionate to let it die.

    En Taro Adun!

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