The Hammer Squad - Official FF14 Free Company: Diabolos NA

Discussion in 'Final Fantasy XIV: Realm Reborn' started by ArbiterX, May 12, 2015.

  1. ArbiterX

    ArbiterX Member

    Hello Everyone Arb here, Now has you know Final Fantasy 14: Heavensward is almost a month away & everyone is prbly wondering will there be a stream guild & what will the guild be doing?

    Well the answer to that question is Yes, there will be a Free Company, This will be the Official FF14 Hammer Squad Guild. That will be run by yours truly & The Officers will consist of Mods from chat. Towelliee will be apart of this Free company of course. There is current plan for Raiding & PvP, they will be associated with their own Linkshell chat that will be used for Group Finding within the guild & keep FC chat clean.

    With the way FF14's group content works their is no gear lockout, so their is no need for static groups. But if you want to raid with us & your a good, knowledgeable & smart player that is willing to learn look up "Arbs Dreamwalker" in-game for FC Invite & LS Invite. This time around we will take FF14 raiding more casually & prbly have a couple groups based on their own time zones, but if anough people show interest we will start up a Progression group that will focus on Alexander Savage Mode. No times are in place yet as people may have other guild obligations in other games. But if we form of people who are able to raid a set time we will build a time around them & go from there.

    The Free Company is on: Diabolos NA

    Voice Comms will be the THS Team Speak. But will only used for the purpose of group content & not something we idle in. We will also have an alternate RaidCall to use aswell. This Teamspeak is Towelliee & Lula's so their rules will apply for the TeamSpeak & must be followed.

    Contact for Invites In-game:
    Arbs Dreamwalker
    Cylestea Nightstar
    Vec Clisthert
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  2. Cylestea

    Cylestea Member

    Ill be on once and a while to help with invites. Cylestea Nightstar is my name in game
  3. Wyattear1989

    Wyattear1989 New Member

    I hope the FC takes off, especially come Heavensward. It would be nice to do some actual raiding with a nice group on voice comms, which was one thing I could never really do in my old FC's. Would be nice to also get an FC house as well.
  4. Hoegarden

    Hoegarden New Member

    How many people in the FC atm? Just started playing
  5. Do i have to be any good at all to join the FC? I started to play FF XIV 2 days ago.
  6. ArbiterX

    ArbiterX Member

    24 people in the FC, come Heavensward I will be getting everyone in. Don't worry.
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  7. Chrons

    Chrons New Member

    is the free company well populated and active now?
  8. Wyattear1989

    Wyattear1989 New Member

    Meant to post this last week. I made a last minute decision to transfer off and onto another server. Reason being was that a couple close friends of mine were coming back & I wanted to help them out, didn't find out until a day before the servers went down for the 3.0 launch. So I had a small window to transfer as the server is locked for new characters the majority of the time. I apologize for not staying. :( I hope the FC takes off and see you all raiding on stream. :)
  9. ArbiterX

    ArbiterX Member

    Oh it is fine, we prbly not raiding as it just a THS guild to be have one, Not alot of interest for raiding. I prbly only gunna be playing until my game time runs out in August. I bought 2 months for Heavensward.
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  10. Zyan6495

    Zyan6495 New Member

    This game is amazing!

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