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Discussion in 'Looking For Players' started by Shuttle08, Feb 10, 2013.

  1. Shuttle08

    Shuttle08 Member


    I'm new to MOBA's but I've been playing dota for about 6 months and feel comfortable enough to finally start playing with people besides my closest buds.

    I'm looking to play with some of you fine folks, so add me on steam and toss ma an invite whenever you play. I don't care how good or bad you are, just don't be a dick to everyone when we play. <-- Add me up!

    Post your steam names below so others can add you n all that junk.
  2. AnthonyGG

    AnthonyGG Member

    AnthonyGG if anyone wants to add me on Steam for Dota.
  3. ArbiterX

    ArbiterX Member

    ArbiterX on Steam
  4. Aelo

    Aelo New Member

    Aelo on Steam

    I'm not really played Dota2 so I probably wouldn't recommend picking me :p

    but it might be fun to watch me crap myself and fail horribly ?
  5. Vonologic

    Vonologic Member

    Link to my steam is in my sig, add me, I'm pro (sort of not really :p)
  6. Berkiar

    Berkiar New Member

    Add me , Berkiar on steam if you want to play :)
  7. Kronus021

    Kronus021 New Member

    ahoy friends, i have played dota 2 for about a year and in my opinion i have the knowledge to teach basic skills like map awareness and game sense (bit of a big thing) add me Kronus021 on steam for play and possibru coaching
  8. qucu

    qucu New Member

    Hi guys. Qc^ on steam if anyone wants to play a game.
  9. Madmannx64

    Madmannx64 Member

    Madmannx64/Al Sosa
    I play a lot of Medium Dif Bot Matches with others in between
    (fairly a noob)
  10. Nitrogen3

    Nitrogen3 New Member

    im darkride3343 on steam if anyone wants to play some dota 2 :)
  11. towelliee

    towelliee Administrator Staff Member

    I'm down to start some serious shit! TUSK BITCHES
  12. andrewtkram

    andrewtkram New Member

  13. Beaverbashr

    Beaverbashr New Member

    beaverbashr I play quite a bit. 664 hours. I don't play serious all the time, i love playing heroes that I suck with to make it more interesting and I have quite a few friends that stop by to play it. Invite for fun or serious.
  14. KidoSakurai

    KidoSakurai New Member

    I've clocked 289hrs so far, but I've played Dota 1 a long time ago. Steam ID is itsTAKUYA∞
    I play on SEA servers though... Add me, Asians!
  15. Jukkz

    Jukkz New Member

    Gaffe_ if anyone wants to play. Im from Europe though so US West servers are a big nono :D. Can handle US East though so just go ahead if you want to play.

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