Thagoris Fan Thread

Discussion in 'Hammer Squad Stream Team' started by LordNevar, Mar 13, 2014.

  1. LordNevar

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  2. Truency

    Truency New Member

    Before anyone comments on "That trubot guy is creepy" (I've actually gotten a few of those from new people) - He's actually a bot for the channel.

    Welcome all the Hammer Squad to the stream, by the way!<3 you all
  3. thagoris

    thagoris New Member

    Thanks guys! It's fantastic to be part of the Hammer Squad. I've already had such a great response from fellow Hammer Squad members, along with Towelliee subs. Great having you all along. Thanks a TON!
  4. SoldierV

    SoldierV New Member

    Hammers up!

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