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  1. TheUnknowing

    TheUnknowing Member

    Was wondering if any one even played tera? i quit WoW for good because of frustration with it (too boring and lack of desire to do any thing in it) since then ive been looking for something new to mess around with (mainly free games) any ways, i was thinking of trying out tera again and was wondering if any one actually played the game?
  2. Spajarii

    Spajarii New Member

    I've been playing TERA few for weeks now. I'm lvl 35 Berserker. There's not so many ppl anymore or if there are nobody speaks english (EU) So its not that nice to play there alone :)
  3. Sonho

    Sonho Member

    thats only on the EU side, the NA side is amazing. Most EU players even play there these days.
  4. FloozyGaming

    FloozyGaming New Member

    ive been thinking about playing. should get a hammer squad thing going or something
  5. WaylanderNL

    WaylanderNL New Member

    If anyone wants to start playing or is returning here's a buddy up code for extra rewards while leveling
    This is for the European version

    My character: Emcha
    Emcha's Server: (EN) - Fraya
    BuddyUp Code: Emcha#5790

    Download TERA from: http://tera.gameforge.com/download

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