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  1. TheUnknowing

    TheUnknowing Member

    OK OK OK
    i know this is a stretch
    but does any one still actually play swtor?

    I do lol i play on the server jedi covenant and i just today decided to quit WoW because well i cant find a guild to raid with for shit and im doing nothing in WoW and i have a good guild on swtor so just going back to it and playing other games that are free like tera.

    But any ways, does any one still play?
  2. Kandosii

    Kandosii Member

    I still play but I'm on EU The Tomb of Freedon Nadd
  3. Frostmonster

    Frostmonster New Member

    I actually still play and on jedi covenant as well, i mainly play on the empire side but i have a few toons on the pub side
  4. TheUnknowing

    TheUnknowing Member

    I play empire aswell, characters i mainly play on are Anrius and Velrius
  5. Kandosii

    Kandosii Member

    LOL so like 3 of us, all on separate servers
  6. TheUnknowing

    TheUnknowing Member

    Haha, well i believe frost says he played on Jedi Covenant so me and him are on the same server but you are on the eu side of things so xD
  7. Frostmonster

    Frostmonster New Member

    yea i still play on jedi covenent although i havent been on all week due to work, ill start getting on more frequently by this weekend so ill give you a whisper if i see you online
  8. towelliee

    towelliee Administrator Staff Member

    I am really wanting to play again and raid in small group for fun but putting it together, organizing it, making sure it STICKS is always my problem.
  9. Frostmonster

    Frostmonster New Member

    You could always level up to 50 on 1 of the double exp weekends, the problem is if you dont have any other toons on that server then youll be broke and wont be able to afford most of the skills. but if you decide to give it a shot tell me ill be glad to help
  10. TheUnknowing

    TheUnknowing Member

    I havent been on much lately myself and that is true towel, there are several double xp weekends going on where you can level super fast, plus the exp buffs you can buy, it will go fast depending on how far TTB got your jugg.

    But it wouldn't be too difficult.
  11. I'm guild leader of <AfterDark> on The Harbinger (<BeforeDawn> is our imp guild). Shoot me a message if anyone wants to join and raid.
  12. SniperElit3

    SniperElit3 New Member

    i actually just got back into SWTOR after 2 years of not playing lol, all my toons got deleted (no idea why still waiting for answers from customer support) if your still playing let me know
  13. Yeah, I still play :D
  14. TheUnknowing

    TheUnknowing Member

    At the moment im not subbed i typically resub every few months play for like two months and bail again xD but at the moment im just not really playing much of any thing, still playing abit of WoW but yeah, if any one still plays chick plays and runs a guild so you should contact her and join up with her and her guild peeps, good people.
  15. Dwinor

    Dwinor New Member

    I've been wanting to actually pick it back up but I'm not certain yet.

    I have a Sith Inquisitor that's level 52(?) I want to try out the end-game but unless you are subbed it's pretty much impossible right?
  16. Sonho

    Sonho Member

    EU Red Eclipes player here :3 raiding HM and soon NiM . Scoundrel healer IGN: Sonho , feel free to contact me if ya wanna play or whatever :3 also double XP weekend now <3
  17. siilencer

    siilencer New Member

    I still play! Main is Kerrex on The Shadowlands sever, imperial side. Anybody wanting to quest or whatever add me.
  18. Ty96

    Ty96 New Member

    I used to play I might start up again if someone will give me and hand and teach me the ropes;)
  19. Anyone that wants to come play, I'm on The Harbinger. Just message Redwinger (that's my main). If I'm not on there, just search for AfterDark
  20. ArbiterX

    ArbiterX Member

    I guess I will level a toon for something to do, Only raid in WoW for now. Tried GW2 got bored in 2 days.

    Playing Skyrim right now, Was looking to play FF14, but apprently my peeps from "My Brest Friends" don't play anymore.

    So I just I could raid, but I depise the Republic :(. Wish their was a Empire guild on Harbringer or they had Faction Changes lol

    I got a Level 39 Sith Warrior & Level 10 Sith Inquistor on The Harbringer Empire Side
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