switching mouse buttons as security measure?

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    TL;DR: difficult client at work had her left and right click switched when I remoted in to troubleshoot stuff; was she fucking with me or is this an actual 'security measure' as she stated?

    So I work in IT and part of my job is remoting into people's computers to fix their problems. Today I encountered a client who (and I think she may have just been screwing with me; more on that later) had switched her right and left click 'as a security measure', stating 'it really messes people up'.

    Not wanting to change her control style since I knew she'd have to take control a couple times during the session, I adapted and got through it, fixing her problem in short order. During the call she'd genuinely laugh when I 'right' clicked when I should have 'left' clicked.

    Why I think she may have been screwing with me: when I set up the call with her last week, she actually looked me up in the company directory, then told me it didn't look like I had the skill set to fix her 'very complex' problem. I assured her that, while new to this job, I had a 12-year IT veteran advising me, to which she replied 'I don't really care how long he's been here. Am I wrong in thinking YOU can't fix it?' I said yes, I can.

    Clearly this woman has a problem of some kind, but I felt it necessary to ask in a lengthy post: has anyone heard of switching mouse buttons as a security measure (however ineffective), or was I being fucked with?
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