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Discussion in 'Gaming Discussion' started by Eneroth, Mar 8, 2014.

  1. Eneroth

    Eneroth Member

    Um, I don't see the sub only section anymore. And I am still subbed...
  2. YourboyTweak

    YourboyTweak New Member

    Yeah idk what's going on. went to check the forums this morning and also missing subs also
  3. Buttzy Boy

    Buttzy Boy New Member

    yea i have it to atm says dont have acsess they prob doing stuff on it .
  4. towel said something on the stream about that the section will be overhauled if i heard that correctly
  5. erickerensky

    erickerensky Member

    dammit and I wanted to see the pics jaded posted on dem tities thread!
  6. YourboyTweak

    YourboyTweak New Member

  7. Hybridsteve

    Hybridsteve New Member

    Nevermind, he confirmed he is fixing the forums to improve em.
    Last edited: Mar 8, 2014
  8. Eneroth

    Eneroth Member

    Yeah Towelliee, said they are re-working the sub forums so only subs can see them. Just heard it now in-case folks missed it.
  9. Xkorpitron

    Xkorpitron Member

    be patient, this will sort it out ;)
  10. UniqueFizz1

    UniqueFizz1 New Member

    i wonder now that towelliee cant do the giveaways on stream, and he said he's doing them over the forums i wonder how he will do this?
  11. sphexator

    sphexator Member

    probably a drawing being done every month like usual from the pool of subscribers on the forums as he (should) have full overview of those that has subscriber rank or not, that's my guess at least.

    This obviously has to be done with an active check of people being sub or not, an example might be the way works on checking if you're a sub or not.

    (edit: added quote)
  12. UniqueFizz1

    UniqueFizz1 New Member

    oh ok cheers man didnt think of that lol, cheers dude :)
  13. LordNevar

    LordNevar Moderator Staff Member

    Work on the sub forum are on the way, sub forum access will be the same principle as voting on the the Sub Sunday website. You will have to allow twitch permission to check if you are a sub or not. Access will be granted if you are and you will lose it if you are not. Give it time, it will be back to normal :)
  14. UniqueFizz1

    UniqueFizz1 New Member

    thanks for the update lord nevar :)
  15. Dcarterwww

    Dcarterwww New Member

    much appreciation
  16. Eneroth

    Eneroth Member

    Thats awesome, thanks for the update man.
  17. deathblade00

    deathblade00 New Member

    thanks for letting us know i started geting worried to since i have not been all day
  18. Gundams33d

    Gundams33d Member

    Thank for the update Nevar. HammerUp
  19. eeson

    eeson New Member

    Towelliee is god
  20. KuwaGTX

    KuwaGTX New Member

    I hope Towelliee's stream and the forums keep going strong but I heard from other partnered streamers they contacted Twitch about giveaways outside of stream and they said that be also be a case for a ban. I don't know how it makes no sense, I just hope Towelliee makes it work either or this whole situation for me was lame as fck.

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