So what exactly happened with Towelliee and Wildstar?

Discussion in 'Wildstar' started by stooper78, Aug 5, 2014.

  1. stooper78

    stooper78 New Member

    I see he's not playing it..ever. What happened? Has he disowned it?
  2. Srixtoja

    Srixtoja New Member

    Yeah, he's disowned it, at least on stream. Long story short, people left his guild (or were poached) because other guilds were progressing faster. He couldn't get more members because the attunement gating was so time-consumimg that it requires a dedicated guild to get new members attuned, and he wasn't going to force his remaining members to attune new players.

    Also warrior tanking is broken compared to the other tank classes so he couldn't find a spot for himself in another guild.
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  3. cltom

    cltom Member

    Game died. Natural course for mmo on stream.
  4. transflux

    transflux New Member

    FYI They fixed Warrior tanking threat, and are lowering the attunement process next patch. Bronze dungeon requirements, and less world bosses needed to kill.
  5. Ichabod Crane

    Ichabod Crane New Member

    The whole Attunement feature itself is broken. The got rid of it in WoW for that reason. People don't wanna take the time to do it. That goes for the 40 man raiding as well. Trying to get 40 people in a raid is just rediculous. All the vanilla wow babies got what they wanted, and look what happened. But in all honesty, I do hope the game does well, Carbine seems to want to do good by the gamers, so. Good luck to them.
  6. Xkorpitron

    Xkorpitron Member

    This is what happens when you over hype a game...i had good hope for WS, but after i tested out for myself, the attunement is kinda crappy, and always was, the idea of gather hardcore players(thou courageous) is folly, you going to leave 5 or 6 years of your favorite MMO which prolly is WoW for most people to get in a game recently released and even hasnt a year...normally 1 year is what most games tell ya how they doing in terms of player base, content, and money income(this last one not always sure) im mostly sad that this game is broken thanks to the dev's that made so hardcore raiders could benefit it from, when the market nowadays is mostly composed by casual people(either dont have time or patience) that just want to chill and enjoy the game at their own pace. Tbh few people hang around hardcore gamer till the age of 30'ish...i retired from hardcore WoW at Wotlk...But best of luck for Carbine, they had good intentions with the game, but it's a game it's not dying, it still has player base, thou few people woulda create a toon now.

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