Server Instability

Discussion in 'Wildstar' started by Zythron2, May 2, 2014.

  1. Zythron2

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  2. ArbiterX

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    Oh launch is gunna be a joy with those servers, I can see it already. But atleast the optimization is better than last week.
  3. Entreped

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    Man with the new UI in Beta 4 I thought the optimization was WORSE then every other beta. For the first 3 beta weekends I was averaging 45-60 FPS (I run with v-sync cause I don't care for my card to put out high temps). Beta 4 I was litterally going from 60 to 30 fps every few steps (even in uncrowded areas) and hitting sometimes 12 fps when anything started getting remotely intense / crowded. And according to the forums this is affecting top of the line computers not people who are out dated. I can't imagine if my computer was out dated.

    They REALLY need to fix the stability associated with the new UI as well as top off server end stability.

    20-40 man raiding with anything close to the instability now will be nightmarish.

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