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Discussion in 'Looking For Players' started by ArbiterX, Feb 11, 2013.

  1. ArbiterX

    ArbiterX Member

    Hey all, if your looking to people to play Planetside 2 post in this thread. I play it on the weekends alot and ussually its all by myself :(. If your in to Planetside 2 its a F2P FSP on Steam.

    Add me on steam @ ArbiterX, post your steam names below for others who may wanna group up, when im not online.

  2. I havent played since beta would to play withsomeone, kinda blah getting in team with bunch youngens, i 29 so, but gota re download it on my new pc, my steam is dustin1983866 ill add ya
  3. CustomGraphix

    CustomGraphix New Member

    If you ever pop on EU Miller add Mistikal ingame, ive been playing planetside 1 for over 9 years now and we constantly run outfit squads and platoons.

    Most of the players and outfits on Miller are those from planetside 1 so its still good competition.
  4. osatox

    osatox Member

    I have two characters I play with friends and such...

    US-Mattherson : osatox : TR
    US-Connery : oosatox : TR
  5. Bummmmmmp

    Looking to play this game as well with a few others if anyone is interested
  6. TheGodsLegacy

    TheGodsLegacy New Member

    I am on Connery, In-Game name is HitmanEnforcer i play TR w/ EXE! Steam name is TheGodsLegacy!
  7. Conman925

    Conman925 New Member

    I play on Emerald, NC (play on other factions, but not as much) of course always looking for people to join up!
    STEAM: Conman925

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