Permanently banned from talking in chat.

Discussion in 'The Cesspool' started by Citrus82, Oct 19, 2013.

  1. Citrus82

    Citrus82 New Member

    I'm not sure why, but one day i found i was permanently banned from talking in towelliees chat on his live stream. I usually don't say much if i do watch a live stream, and if i do it's most likely not going to be offensive or anything like that.

    I tried to send Towelliee a message on twitch, but got no reply, i'm guessing his gets so many messages he just doesn't read them anymore unless they're from someone important. I'm not going to stress over it, i just thought i would give it this one last chance to clear the issue up.

    Here's a screenshot i took when i first noticed the message.
  2. ArbiterX

    ArbiterX Member

    Msge a Towelliee Channel Mod on Twitch
  3. Citrus82

    Citrus82 New Member

    I tried that, the mod didn't respond, that was days ago, and i don't want to bother them anymore than i already have, so i thought i would try here.
  4. cltom

    cltom Member

    Then message multiple mods next time, not all mods unban people while some do. As long as you're not annoyingly persistent about it, I'm sure they won't mind.
  5. Citrus82

    Citrus82 New Member

    I look at it this way, i sent them messages weeks ago that got no reply, then i made a thread here asking for help sorting this out.

    I made this thread almost a week ago, and it has remained on the front page as far as i can tell, either this site isn't connected to towelliee at all, or none of his mods or him actually read this forum, or they read it and just didn't care enough to provide assistance.

    Keeping all that in mind, i think i'll just leave it be, it's just a live stream that i watch once in a while when i get a chance, it's not like it's my bank account, or wow account, or something like that. I'm not going to just go down the list of mods like a stalker messaging everyone of them.

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