Permabanned from Towelliee's stream =/

Discussion in 'The Cesspool' started by iAGRi, Feb 22, 2016.

  1. iAGRi

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    I spent roughly 6 hours today on Towelliee's stream watching him play WoD and Legion Alpha and I can say that I had a fun time. I'm never super active in the chat when I watch people stream and the few times that I did use the chat, it was usually in reply to someone else. And I guess this is where the problem arises.

    Someone asked how many subscribers WoW currently had and I told him (in full confidence) that it was at 4 million. And I could've sworn it was in fact at 4 million, but as Towelliee corrected me, it was actually at 5.6 million as of their latest report. I guess I had heard someone else say it was at 4 million and assumed it for a fact. /shrug

    Whatever the case, this evidently led to what happened next. Or so I think.

    Towelliee was going on excitedly about how we've only seen 30% of the expansion, and previously he had said 20% so I, being the funny guy that I am, called him out for "getting the numbers wrong" as I had done previously in the stream. I thought this was quite obviously a joke, and I actually added a winky face after it to show that I wasn't being serious. And that's when I saw that my message was deleted, and when I tried to type again it told me "You are permanently banned from talking in towelliee."

    I've watched Towelliee's streams before but this was the first time that I really, really watched his stream. I was there for hours and hours and I was completely engaged in what was going on. And as a first-time watcher, this really left a sour taste in my mouth. I hope this can be resolved somehow because I'd like to continue watching his streams whilst being able to make the occasional remark in the chat. :)

    My username in Twitch is the same as it is here.
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    get rekt
  3. iAGRi

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    Reporting back just to let everyone know that it's all been resolved now. No longer permabanned. Thank you, to whoever it was. :)

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