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Discussion in 'Wildstar' started by Entreped, May 8, 2014.

  1. Entreped

    Entreped New Member

    Hello all,

    With open beta now in session I am looking for anyone who wants to get together and level and figure things out in greater depth. I am on the Cassus server (since I have no idea what server Hammer Squad will be on yet. I will be on Entreped. If anyone is interested you can respond here or pm me in game and we can start new characters and work together.

    Thanks and have fun everyone!
  2. blackseven67

    blackseven67 Member

    haha i am on that server too... exiles ill play with ya after 5 cst
  3. Entreped

    Entreped New Member

    Gonna be playing dominion side since hammer squad is going to be dominion, I want to get the quest route down so I am faster at it. Learning what items to pick up and locations etc. I can start a new character so I can spec heals if your gonna stalker it up so I can start practicing that to.

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