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Discussion in 'Looking For Players' started by Lady Dvyne, Jan 3, 2014.

  1. Lady Dvyne

    Lady Dvyne Member

    Hey everyone,

    I recently subbed to Towelliee (although I have been a closet fan forever!) I am "GamingChica" on twitch. I also recently resubbed to WoW after being away for about a year or so. I'm a noob! I went to Timeless Isle today and I am sooo not ready. Looking for anyone to party up with and just smash shit!!!

    I am US Servers Uldaman with a few lowbies or wannabes on Arathor. Alliance mostly with 1 level 85 Horde Priest. I usually run heals. If you're interested in teaming up (when I say party I mean par-tay!) hit me up GamingChica#1669.

    Happy New Year to everyone!!!
  2. towelliee

    towelliee Administrator Staff Member

    Thanks for subscribing Gaming Chica! Love that fucking name.
  3. Lady Dvyne

    Lady Dvyne Member

    Aww thanks Towelliee!!! I'm not that clever with naming myself/toons so I just put what I do ... A chica who games LOL.
    Much ♥ to ya!
  4. tbigbearjackson

    tbigbearjackson New Member

    If you ever need help hit me up it's bigteddybear#1439 and no i'm not a druid on twitch im known as tbigbearjackson
  5. Lady Dvyne

    Lady Dvyne Member

    hey bigbear! Thank you for the offer. Trust and believe I will add you today. ♥

    Gaming Chica
  6. Dulayne

    Dulayne New Member

    Hey also feel free to add me Dulayne#2949
  7. Lady Dvyne

    Lady Dvyne Member

    Nice name and Logo. I will thank you. It will come from GamingChica#1669
  8. JediNixon

    JediNixon New Member

    I just re-subbed to WoW 2 weeks ago after a 16 month break. 90 Night Elf Druid and Hunter (US Madoran), 85 Human Priest 85 BElf Pally (US Rexxar), 87 Undead Mage (US Mal'Ganis), and a dozen other alts both horde and alliance levels 30-81 (all US). Battletag Jedi#1619 looking for anything.
  9. Lady Dvyne

    Lady Dvyne Member

    Yay! Welcome back to WoW!!! I am on US realms as well. I'll add you, mine is GamingChica#1669 :rolleyes:
  10. Phyzha

    Phyzha New Member

    Yeah I'm kinda in the same boat with you, resubbed recently and having a lot of fun just casually leveling/LFR/mount runs and whatnot. Anyone can add me! Phyzha#1166
  11. Jitox

    Jitox New Member

    Dunno how much you play that horde priest, im lvling some characters on Ravencrest (you are on Uldaman, those are merged :p), all horde. I have my mains on Ragnaros but well, im up for anything
  12. boldface87

    boldface87 New Member

    im new sub to and resubbed to wow again just dont know what to level
  13. Lady Dvyne

    Lady Dvyne Member

    OMG I suck! I just saw Jitox and and Phyzha's responses here. My characters on Uldaman horde side are level 66 and i think 41. Alliance I have 3 low ilvl 90 toons lol. I'll holla at you Jitox :p

    welcome boldface87 and welcome back to wow. How are you liking it?

    I'll add you Phyzha (cool ass name btw) LOL.

    Mine is GamingChica#1669 if you guys see an add and wonder who the fuck is that??? :p
  14. Phyzha

    Phyzha New Member

    Beat you to it! :p
  15. Lady Dvyne

    Lady Dvyne Member

    Hahaha! How wrong is that??? Thanks Phyzha :)
  16. Lady Dvyne

    Lady Dvyne Member

    Hey everyone! I wanted to give a quick update. I am currently working on my restro shaman. She's 90, she has some LFR gear and I attempted to run TI for drops. I'm currently sitting at 478 ilvl. Yeah I know, I suck. TI is a death trap from hell. Like really?

    Anyone out there want to help a chica out with partying up to loot chests and kill rares and such? I got smashed so much out here lol. (I'm a healer not a fighter lmfao).

    I am EST but flexible atm. My shaman and pally are both alliance. Thanks guys in advance!

    Gaming Chica ♥
  17. tbigbearjackson

    tbigbearjackson New Member

    Well now I can't let a fellow shaman suffer event if they are on alliance I am here for you just added you I am bigteddybear#1439 we can kick butt and take names on my shadow priest lock and druid if you want to.
  18. Lady Dvyne

    Lady Dvyne Member

    Teddy ty you for the add let me know how and when you want to do this. I know you were on earlier hehe. I'm down for whateverrrr

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