Discussion in 'Gaming Discussion' started by Andrew Bergeron, Feb 28, 2016.

  1. Andrew Bergeron

    Andrew Bergeron New Member

    I was wondering something I heard Towelliee talk about his mods sometimes. Is there a certain process to become one and if so how. I'm always watching and love the stream. thank you
  2. ThomasB

    ThomasB Administrator Staff Member

    Are you talking about being a Moderator on Twitch or here on the forums? Either way to be a Mod is a trusted position and on Twitch I believe Towelliee makes that decision so he would have to know you and trust you would take the responsibility. Here on the forums I make the decision and since you have the tag New Member under your name I would have to wait a while and see how active you are and how you interact with other members of the forum before I make a decision.
  3. Andrew Bergeron

    Andrew Bergeron New Member

    thank you for the reply, yes i was talking about on twitch or here. or both. I will work on getting more involved. enjoy the stream keep it up team.

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