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Discussion in 'Hammer Squad Stream Team' started by katiegaming, Jun 23, 2013.

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  2. If you get your mod list for FNV let me know i would love to try them out, i am really novice on modding/adding mods to games. And again ty for the few mods LordNevar, the ones that fixed the game and gave it more performance, and the large texture pack made my game so much more enjoyable
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    Your welcome, I will get the list up, I need to take some mods out of it, and obviously my patch to make it more workable for people.
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    Just wanted to let all know that I am back to streaming, and my schedule is more consistent now. I added a ton of new equipment to bring the best content and quality that I can. I have all my Fallout Mods packed racked and ready for all to see and share now, along with load orders etc.... I will also answer any and all questions you have on that front. I play all games not just fallout, just know this game very well, and know allot about modding it and 3. I even wrote a new companion mod and have been naming the companion after people in chat to accompany on my journeys. If you enjoy fallout and a relax chilled environment than I would love to see you so come hang out. HAMMERS UP!!!!!!!

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