Looking to set up a group of people down to set roots up in H1Z1

Discussion in 'Looking For Players' started by skyfall110, Jan 26, 2015.

  1. skyfall110

    skyfall110 New Member

    Hey guys i was thinking why not get some of the Subs of Towelliee's stream to band together and put some roots down on one of the pvp servers on H1Z1. Its been rough with no one to have your back and a game is always more fun with people to play with. Let me know what you guys and gals think! Steam name is AstrosX
  2. Buzzerk

    Buzzerk New Member

    ill add u when i go on vacation! which is friday is day 1 and we can grp up i agree!!!
    think its Buzzerkgaming89 is my steam name tho! so be on the look out! :D
  3. jillynilly

    jillynilly New Member

    Add me on steam, jillynilly
    I've been desperately awaiting invite to a private server and it doesn't look like it's happening. Devs would rather give private servers to people who play the game a week and get bored and desert them.

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