Looking for people for Destiny PS4

Discussion in 'Looking For Players' started by thomasi89, Sep 8, 2014.

  1. thomasi89

    thomasi89 New Member

    My PSN is Tom8974, looking for people to play with and have a good time!
  2. battle6871

    battle6871 New Member

    Hello i am going to play destiny so i Will play with you so ADD me on PSN : battle6871
  3. SicEmBears420

    SicEmBears420 New Member

    Mine is SicEmBears420 on PSN!
  4. Yushi

    Yushi New Member

    While I already have a good 10 man group to play with do add me! PSN : Yushiamo
  5. Daddy_O_Three

    Daddy_O_Three New Member

    You can add me also sboeker on psn.
  6. Noodles

    Noodles New Member

    Just starting today's Noodleys is my PSN
  7. LoneWulf0101

    LoneWulf0101 New Member

    Level 18 Hunter currently, PSN is The Mad Deaf. Add me!
  8. medicguy911

    medicguy911 New Member

    add me :) psn: Kalec911
  9. thomasi89

    thomasi89 New Member

    Awesome Ill add all you guys when I get home off shift!
  10. LoneWulf0101

    LoneWulf0101 New Member

    PLEASE add me. None of the people on my PSN friends list are 20, and its a nightmare doing lvl 20 strikes due to lower levels queing into it and not being able to do the weekly heroic :p

    Again PSN is The Mad Deaf
  11. Chrons

    Chrons New Member

    Add me xKRAYZ1Ex
  12. PouhTheNinja

    PouhTheNinja New Member

    add GtaRobin lvl 25+ in destiny and willing to play other games aswell
  13. mileskg21

    mileskg21 Member

    LF Fireteam for Venus LVL 11 and up to finish story missions cuz my gear really blows :(
  14. koko31234

    koko31234 New Member

    I have been playing for the past few days. Love th egame add me Koko316. Hammers UP!!
  15. Mayshar

    Mayshar New Member

    Im looking for a couple of people level 26+ to help me finish a level 26 strike i need for my exotic bounty. If anyone is interested in helping, send me a friend request, PSN Mayshar. Put in the msg your from this forum so ill accept. looking to do this asap, so if you see this and can help, jump on and lets do it!!
  16. TheGodsLegacy

    TheGodsLegacy New Member

    My PSN is TheGodsLegacy1 , just msg me saying ur from towellies forum and ill add u

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