League of Legends LFP Thread :3

Discussion in 'Looking For Players' started by CybaxLoL, Feb 11, 2013.

  1. Ipshank

    Ipshank New Member

    LDIpshank / Na lvl 30
    Ipshank / NA lvl 10

    Still learning, but having fun.
  2. WickedScourge

    WickedScourge New Member

  3. Frozen555

    Frozen555 New Member

    EUW: µ frozen Diamond V top laner
    NA: Frozen555 level 2 (for playing with murricans)
  4. Fanta_stickz

    Fanta_stickz New Member

    If anyone wants , my LoL name is
    heufd EUW lvl 30
    Djicke EUW lvl 16 or something

  5. MrTurska

    MrTurska New Member

    MrTurska / EUW
  6. Darzetti

    Darzetti New Member

    Always on and looking for players to play with instead of solo que
    LOL NA/ Darzetti
  7. tellchur

    tellchur New Member

    Summoner name: tellchur
    Server: NA
    It's been awhile, but hit me up if y'all want to play sometime
  8. BubaWuba

    BubaWuba New Member

    BubaWuba (NA Gold 5)
  9. SgtBlackbird

    SgtBlackbird New Member

    sloppybeaver- Dedicated support. add me if anyone wants to play
  10. Brommando15

    Brommando15 New Member

    NA- Brommando lvl 30
    NA- IsoWheyBrotein lvl 12?
  11. Myrryr

    Myrryr New Member

    Summoner Name Myrryr/NA
  12. Mez

    Mez New Member


    Summoner name is Mez on NA, I'm typically a gold level player but I don't play ranked... so somewhere around gold. I usually just play casual blind pick.

    I have a smurf: Green Leaf, that's a lee sin only account.

    Feel free to add me, a lot of my usual crew have stopped playing for various reasons.
  13. Mythio

    Mythio New Member


    Hit me up for troll games
  14. Ninesters

    Ninesters New Member

    Ninesters / NA
  15. Shadraak

    Shadraak New Member

    Started 2 years ago got to level 11, put the game down, picked it back up again about 3-4 weeks ago because someone on my stream said they'd teach me, and i havent put it down since, and have since grown about 30 followers which is insane... I'm still learning and only just hit 15 the other day. but i am
    Shadraak / NA been playing mid with LUX and bottom support with SONA may try annie soon though. can't wait for Vel'Koz for some OH DARN! moments .
  16. Hybrid3216

    Hybrid3216 New Member

    Summoner: Hybrid3216
    Server: NA
    I'm not a great player, but if anyone is looking for ppl hit me up.

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