League of Legends LFP Thread :3

Discussion in 'Looking For Players' started by CybaxLoL, Feb 11, 2013.

  1. Heydj

    Heydj Member

    Heydj on NA servers :) add me! im always playing league and i Livestream it :D
  2. Tarfu

    Tarfu Member

    Tarfuobs lvl 30 NA
    Tarfu lvl 10 NA
  3. Jesus

    Jesus New Member

    Macarize lvl 30 NA
  4. Xkorpitron

    Xkorpitron Member

    NA : Xkorpitron
    Nordic soon EUWest : Combine22
  5. bagmod

    bagmod New Member

    bagmod / na
  6. Bruskardk

    Bruskardk Member

    I would play if I actually knew how to play the game only played it twice back when it first came out and when towelliee was playing it awhile back.
  7. Olanthel

    Olanthel New Member

    Olanthel - NA
    I suck if I don't play Mid/SoloTop... NEVER ASK ME TO PLAY SUPPORT CUZ U WILL DIE
  8. FreestyleABG

    FreestyleABG New Member

    FreestyleABG / EUW
    Need to switch to NA :(
  9. Psyklonic

    Psyklonic New Member

    SM: Psyklonic NA
  10. katiegaming

    katiegaming Moderator Staff Member

    grimadinosaur- NA <3 ADDD MEEEEEEEEEEEEE
  11. Jaded1ftw

    Jaded1ftw Member

  12. first_frost

    first_frost New Member

    jaded come play KAYLE
  13. GzG Viper

    GzG Viper Member

    I will be adding people to League from this thread later today.

    My Name is GzG Viper
  14. Magnetsyo

    Magnetsyo New Member

    Deathsuure on North&East :rolleyes:
  15. bagmod

    bagmod New Member

    Hi all,

    I added a bunch of you from NA. Accept, don't accept, whatever. Just FYI.
  16. Vanillawafers

    Vanillawafers Member

    AKA Malakai / NA
  17. Lundell

    Lundell New Member

    Last To Lane
    Main jungle
  18. Craguy

    Craguy New Member


    Good at everything..
  19. Siegfreeze

    Siegfreeze Member

    i added some, mine is Subfreeze [NA]. I don't play all the time but do on occasion.
    Also Katie yours didn't work says name not found are you on NA?
  20. FuriousFlex

    FuriousFlex Member

    NA Decaflex

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