League of Legends LFP Thread :3

Discussion in 'Looking For Players' started by CybaxLoL, Feb 11, 2013.

  1. CybaxLoL

    CybaxLoL New Member

    I know a lot of people play League of Legends from Towelliee's stream so why not make a Looking for Players thread for League of Legends? Feel free to post your Summoner name and what server you're in.
    [Summoner Name] / [Server]
    For An Example: Cybax / NA
    Looking forward to playing with you all :) BTW, Mines is right above if you want to add me but you probably don't want to. :(
  2. Summoner Name: Englishguy or my smurf, yoloswagcrumpets
    Server: NA cause the EU server sucks
  3. IccyCold

    IccyCold Member

    Summoner Name : IccyCold
    Smurf: Iccy Cold
    Server: NA
  4. hotpeepars

    hotpeepars New Member

    hit me up,

  5. Mathiazdotorg

    Mathiazdotorg New Member

    EUW: Quantization
  6. Zahramair

    Zahramair Active Member

    Zahramair / NA
    Burmecia / EU

    made an NA one so I could play with some of my friends on there
  7. AkaGorT

    AkaGorT New Member

    Summoner name: AkaGorT
    Server:EU West

    I,m worse than Towelliee & wanting to learn, so if up for a challenge let me know.
    Or is NA servers better than EU ill make an account there.
  8. AnthonyGG

    AnthonyGG Member

    [US Blitzo Lv. 30] / [NA]
    [AnthonyXL Lv. 5] / [NA]
    [Blitzfigure Lv. 30] / [NA]

    Best in the world.
  9. Cylestea

    Cylestea Member

    TGcylestea - 17 / NA
  10. Evryon

    Evryon New Member

    TrueTeamMate / NA

    Best Jungler World, just read my bio.
  11. Hard to believe when I'm a jungler brah ;)
  12. Evryon

    Evryon New Member

    There is only one way to settle this dispute once and for all... cricket.
  13. Illusive Furry

    Illusive Furry New Member

    Illusive Furry / NA I normaly play support in normal games and I also play ARAM/ABAM.
  14. biggynatiion

    biggynatiion New Member

    Mrbiggynatiion US. Im pretty bad, but ill play if anyone wants to
  15. LegendaryPlays

    LegendaryPlays New Member

    LegendaryPlays NA :)
  16. Serkuu

    Serkuu New Member

    Desico best J4 NA..Oh wait..Nerfed
  17. Hunchy

    Hunchy New Member

    Eu West: Kalzar The Hunch
    Really not to good but i am getting there xD
  18. LegendaryPlays

    LegendaryPlays New Member

    forgot to post what I play. I mainly play Top/ad. Atm 1920 rating platinum tier.
  19. Bluepeel

    Bluepeel New Member

    summoner name: bluepeel
  20. ChronoKane

    ChronoKane New Member

    I'm fairly new to the LoL so don't expect a good ass player out of me.

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