Job ability changes in beta phase 4

Discussion in 'Final Fantasy XIV: Realm Reborn' started by DarqStalker, Aug 21, 2013.

  1. DarqStalker

    DarqStalker Member

    So not sure how many know this yet or not but there has been some Job changes in Phase 4 that affect which Subclasses they need.

    Most importantly to me is the Bard. Before Phase 4, I found out that BRD will use ARC and CNJ sub classes, so I leveled them both in phase 4. BUT THAT HAS CHANGED!! Now Bard uses Lancer and Pugilist. So what they heck do I do now? What job does ARC transition into now?

    Another notable change is Dragoon lost the ARC subclass, and now uses Marauder and Pugilist.

    See the Reddit link below that has a youtube video by MrHappy to confirm all these changes, along with lots more ability changes for PLN, MNK, WAR, DGN, ARC, WHM and BLM and a few other things.
  2. tekfire

    tekfire New Member

    sounds like archer will just be there for cross-class skills
  3. GzG Viper

    GzG Viper Member

    Eventually Archer will get a useful Job other than Bard. Probably ranger or something.
  4. DrunkenVeteran

    DrunkenVeteran New Member

    Or Thief!!!
  5. Zonrath

    Zonrath Member

    Could always just be a pure archer ;)
  6. DarqStalker

    DarqStalker Member

    If that is viable for endgame raiding, then I'd probably do that.
  7. tekfire

    tekfire New Member

    So, archer still transitions in to bard, and they can use cross-class skills from lancer and puglist.
  8. tekfire

    tekfire New Member

    From XIVDB:
  9. clebzz

    clebzz Member

    Good luck, you won't be able to use your relic or relic+1. Not a chance of a pure archer getting an invite :3c
  10. tekfire

    tekfire New Member

    They probably changed bard because it's going to be a ranged DPS class instead of support.

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