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Discussion in 'The Cesspool' started by bethivus, Feb 14, 2013.

  1. ithickonickoz

    ithickonickoz New Member

    A'right lads & lovely lasses my name's Dan. Yorkshire born 'n bread, 18 years old studying computer science with games development in Hull. Just recently decided to sub to Towelliee but I've been a fan of his for around 4 years now since back in the Tgn days ;)

    If any of you guys are interested in doing some shit together don't be afraid to contact us, don't worry only thing i enjoy biting are yorkshire puddings.
  2. ShawnTheNoble

    ShawnTheNoble New Member

    Hello everyone. I'm Shawn. New here and looking for more people to just play wow and chat with. How are you guys?
  3. LimeSamurai

    LimeSamurai New Member

    Names Tudor. Most just call me Tudes. Im 23 pretty chill and love Batman. That should say enough about me.
  4. Jman12390

    Jman12390 New Member

    What's up everyone? Name is Jordan but people call me Jman or J. Looking to get better at DayZ and would like to form groups or get some tips on where the best loot spawns. Have my own stream as well, looking to expand on that as well as join the Hammer Squad!
  5. Nano

    Nano New Member

    Hey everyone! Been watching Towellie for a while and finally subbed. Quick introduction for everyone, im from Chicago, started streaming about 2 months ago. I play pretty much anything, lately it's been a lot of WoW: WoD and CoD:AW. I'd like to meet new people to play with and get to know more of the community!
  6. TheMigit

    TheMigit New Member

  7. Vondreath

    Vondreath New Member

  8. TheGodsLegacy

    TheGodsLegacy New Member

    Hi, I am Legacy, I am 13, I love MMO's. I stream during the weekends.
  9. Buzzerk

    Buzzerk New Member

    I am Buzzerkxbox1
    I have played wow since it was released took a break when MoP cam out and just returned on WoD.
    Playing a Lock and lvling my monk right now.
    Also play xbox1 (hence my name lol).
    I used to stream when i was playing games a lot, but am now looking to get back into it again on both PC and XB1.
    Pc would be WoW mainly and the rare League/ Hearthstone (just hard to watch non pros play those 2)
    XB1 would be GTA5 for now.
    I am 25 and have watched towelliee from the start off and on.
    I am Born, Raised, and live in Iowa (northwest).
  10. jae_9

    jae_9 New Member

    I'm Jae. I live on the east coast and am 30 years old. I have played W0W on and off since release. I stopped raiding after Black Temple and don't do anything too serious ingame. Outside of that I work in IT during the week, volunteer at an animal rescue and do photography on the weekends for side money/as a creative outlet.
  11. Descent

    Descent New Member

    Hi, I'm Will. Long time watcher, first time sub. Actually, this is the first I've subscribed to anyone cause Towelliee is just that amusing. See you in chat!
  12. Nicholas Bower

    Nicholas Bower New Member

    Sup, I'm Nicholas or Nicky or Nimo, Whichever you want to call, I don't mind.

    I'm 22 years old and I play video games...that's kinda standard as much as I could say.. xD
  13. McmAster12

    McmAster12 New Member

    Hey, My name is Casey, age 24. Been watching Towelliee for a long time and finally subscribed! Live in good 'ole Kentucky and hope to start streaming at some point.

    Hammers Up!!!
  14. RSButterflies

    RSButterflies New Member

    hello, new sub here :)
    my names Meisha, im 23 from the UK, been glued to Towelliee's H1Z1 streams for a couple of weeks now
    i love gaming, i also have my own stream some weekends as i work during the week, studying a Business Admin Level 2 Diploma whilst being an Apprentice at a local Doctors surgery under the NHS.
    nice to meet everyone, see you around!
  15. DeadlyKrueger

    DeadlyKrueger New Member

    I don't want to introduce myself...

  16. LordNevar

    LordNevar Moderator Staff Member

    If anyone wants to know anything about me, all you have to do is ask. I stream every evening except for Sundays. I think we all know why I don't stream on Sundays, and if you don't you need to watch Twitch more lol.
  17. Ultima428

    Ultima428 New Member

    Hi i'm Marco and i'm from Italy, i am a new follower of Towelliee , but i like it. I like to play videogames and i want to stream for the hammer squad, i hope u can accept me. Hammers up!
  18. Angolas

    Angolas New Member

    Ahoy! I'm Daniel and you guys can call me Dan, Dani, or for my nickname, Angolas, 29 and from Brazil.
    Watch Towlliee's channel since... since a time ago but just about few days got my sub.
    MMOs and RPGs are my game, but i'm open for anything (still talking about games). Just begin with my streamer's life on Twitch and enjoying it, even with so few viewers.
    Anything more, just ask
  19. Bathuzad

    Bathuzad New Member

    Howdie, Bathuzad here; Bath, Bathtub demon... etc... or just thingy. I've been watching Towelie's channel for some time, while trying to watch the stream as much as possible. I guess my favorite games are mostly MMORPGs and Shooters.

    My life is mostly all about work, getting home, game some, and then stream some and by heavens does streaming cheer up gaming and the dark dreary working days. I'm not good at this whole introduction stuff so if you want to know more; ask away. :)
  20. Makofire

    Makofire New Member

    hiya guys thought id introduce myself real name is nick

    started streaming a few weeks ago so if people wanna pop by an say hello give some tips if it seems im doing things wrong your more than welcome to an i will look into wants given to me -Twitch channel - -

    atm i'm streaming the witcher 3 doing a full play thought from start to finish on stream an when im not playing that i stream what ever game takes my fancy so far its been Warframe , LoL , H1Z1 and Skyrim more games to come when they come out

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