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  1. USCPresident

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    Wow, what to say right? :rolleyes: Let's start with a few names to go with the face shall we? I was given the name Adam by my parents but in the gaming community most know me as USCPresident or USCShogun. USC stands for United Styles Crew, a name I gave my BBoy crew (street dance team) back in the day and it crossed over to my gaming life style if you will. To sum up the pivotal points in my gamer life to this point of writing this I started with Berzerk for the Atari 2600 then playing tabletop Advanced Dungeons & Dragons & followed by the one & only Mike Tyson's Punch-Out!! for the NES. After that girls got in the way lol but then GTA IV was a force that made me start using my USC idea in multiplayer. I then realized the power of my own YouTube (YT) channel followed by Twitch and here I am. As an OG (older gamer) I find myself giving advice to new young gamers on YT & in RaidCall va chat rooms. They want to do so much all at once, poor things but I try and lead them on the right path to 1337. I didn't know what to expect by subscribing to Towelliee but, wooow :cool: I see a lot of awesome things going on in here. I feel at home finally. In time I hope I gain a few friends here because the multiplayer scene is too crazy o_O. I play solo way too much and if I'm going to do MMO's I best play with a respected crew. till then Hammers up ::pOOF::
  2. Zenok

    Zenok New Member

    Hey all, Roné from Amsterdam, Netherlands here. I like martial arts, go to the gym and play video games like crazy.
    I've been a lurker around 2 years following Towelliee but I've stepped out of the shadows this year 'cuz I ran out on shadow matter to hide myself in.

    My gaming name is Zenok but I go by as Zenoda on Twitch.
    Hammers up and peace!
  3. Amerra

    Amerra New Member

    swag me up
  4. Ump45word

    Ump45word New Member

    Paul UK,England. Played strong safety American football in UK,raced downhill mountain bikes. Thought I'd sub as Tow put a smile on my face as my wife walked out for some other sucker.House is sold,and will be without internet for awhile till I get set up somewhere else.So it was a little thank you for the fun in difficult times.

    Will be closer to my Dad who hasn't got long with stomach and bladder cancer.

    Wish i had something less heavy to type right now.Peace and enjoy everyday.
  5. Wayalife

    Wayalife New Member

    Great to meet you all! I am Jake from Alaska. I build custom gaming rigs and design websites. I play a large variety of games ranging from WoW, DayZ, to Titanfall and Minecraft. Recently got serious on streaming. Nothing pro league, just my brother and I shooting-the-shit and having a good time (I owe it all to you Towelliee)!

    Aside from video games and the technical life. I own a 2011 JKU Rubicon. Custom built black on black. Do a lot of off-roading, fishing and hiking.

    Before I sign off. If you drink beer, go out and find a bottle of Hopothermia. Double IPA goodin.
  6. Judgementir

    Judgementir New Member

    Hey all im Chris, but call me Judge or Judgementir. Love Toweliees Stream. I live in California. Love Pc gaming. Like streaming sometimes. Fuck it i'm only 15 so what? But all in general I'm building MUSCLE as much as i can im fat 5.11 220 pounds :D. QQ ty for reading gg
    Ps im new to the SUB SQUAD HAMMERS UP!
  7. Rexdus

    Rexdus New Member

    Hello all, my name is Vinnie aka Rexdus. i have just recently subbed to towelliee and he continues to inspire me to be a tank though i'm really bad. I live in New England and im 20 years old. Also on a side note that key captcha was so good. HAMMERS UP!
  8. Lynzinator

    Lynzinator New Member

    Ohai everyone. I'm Lynz, a 26 year old desk phone slave at a commercial lawn mower company, and avid game fan.

    I began watching Towelliee in march of 2012, right after I was bed-bound for two months. After being paralyzed in 70% of my right side, I was diagnosed with MS and it was just me , my laptop and until the inflammation on my brain slowly dwindled. Needless to say, those were boring times..

    Towelliee made those two months of not being able to do anything for myself, and being out of work for that long quite a bit brighter with his sense of humor, generosity, and his general "no fucks given" attitude on how people see him. When I recovered from my first attack, I stopped caring what ignorant people had to say, and as they giggled and laughed as a young otherwise healthy looking girl had to walk with a cane, I let it roll off my shoulders, and snickered to myself.

    The disease is my curse, but also my blessing. It's made me a much stronger person. Towelliee showed me that all it takes is the will power to better yourself, and you can achieve anything you set your mind to.

    Happy to be here, my brothers, my sisters, my blood. Hammers up!!
  9. Billy3ob

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  10. Location83

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    What up peoples, my name is David, im 31 years old. I live in socal and work as a Brewer at Miller Brewery. Love my job woot woot. Been following Towelliee since he was on YouTube making tutorials as a Cow. Glad to be apart of the Hammer Squad!!!
  11. sethlan

    sethlan New Member

    Hi, I dont know what to say, hi?
  12. Dajova

    Dajova New Member

    Heya, my name is Richard and I'm 27 years old. I just subbed for the channel, but I've been watching towe for the past 2 months, but never really talked in chat.
    I call myself "DA-JO-VA" and not "jehova", like he said on air xD

    I've been around the internet for over 10 years, been on and off both the YT and Music scene for that time.
    I recently resubscribed to WoW last month after a over 3 year break. I've been playing Enhancemenet Shaman ever since TBC and never changed mainspec, but always tested other spec and classes.

    I have most social media accounts and you're all welcome to follow, if you want <3
  13. CrazyKipps

    CrazyKipps New Member

    Howdy! Name is Kipps, been watching Towelliee for a long time (around 3 years) maybe more, time passes so fast :O Live in the UK! Run my own YouTube channel and Twitch stream, love being part of this community :D

  14. SecondCityS8nt

    SecondCityS8nt New Member

    Whats up. I'm Schneider or SecondCityS8nt (saint for those that don't get it lol)
  15. r3solv3_gaming

    r3solv3_gaming New Member

    Lauryn, aka r3solv3.
    Started following/subbed to Towelliee when he started the Towelloween thinger this year. Dude is HILARIOUS. Used to stream SC2, waiting til I can get my hands on a better setup because the laptop just lags too hard. I play a lot of League of Legends, SC2, W0W, and I'm hooked on Destiny for the Xbox One.
    I'm a proud momma of a Siberian Husky, who I affectionately named Ironhide.
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  18. Andre_scb

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    <3 <3
  19. rostheslayer

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    andre and katie thanks for your support xxx
  20. chazz

    chazz New Member

    Whats up guys im a new sub been following towlliee for awhile now but im chazz 21 from colorado and its cold as fuck

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