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Discussion in 'The Cesspool' started by bethivus, Feb 14, 2013.

  1. buttekhan

    buttekhan New Member

  2. CrashBangPoppet

    CrashBangPoppet New Member

    Hey folks.
    Shauni from Scotland. Currently self-employed due to illness but persistently applying to R*North (5 minute commute, me gusta). Play WoW and whatever XB1 games catch my fancy, been gaming since I was a sprog (thank you dad for getting me into Die Hard on the old grey PS1) but only in the last couple of years gotten a rig of my own.
    Aside from that I enjoy baking, messing with Photoshop and playing Magic the Gathering with the fiance.
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  3. Raggamuffinz

    Raggamuffinz New Member

    Hey there,

    My name is Carl, I just recently quit my job and i'm taking this time to reflect and game as hard as I can before I get back to the real world.
  4. ReaL

    ReaL New Member

    Hammer Up crackers!

    My name is Lord Vader :D And real name is Yarik and i'm from Ukraine.I'm trying to be a good streamer and make it my main job.

    Love you all!
    But be honest love Towelliee more no homo ;)
  5. Siwel

    Siwel New Member

    Hey guys!

    My names Siwel (real name is Lewis). I'm from England, fairly new sub, but have been watching the channel for quite a while now.

    Genre of games I like, definitely horrors haha, so if you have any to suggest, would be much appreciated :D! You all seem to be pretty cool people, so look forward to one day perhaps chatting with you at some point :).

    Until then, hope you all have fun guys/girls!
  6. Caleisa

    Caleisa New Member

    Hi there!
    Caleisa on here and the live stream, from southwest US. Long time lurker but finally made a twitch account to chat. Been watching Towelliee on YouTube for quite a while. :)
  7. Jerry McKee

    Jerry McKee New Member

    Hey people..My name is Jerry (Pabstt on twitch). Been watching Towelliee for a year. I play WoW and Hearthstone right now. I'm all about having a good time lol. My battletag is McKee#1308 if anyone wants to play or shoot the shit!
  8. Murtall

    Murtall New Member

    Yo, Im Joris , Live in Belgium. Watched Towelliee since xfire days .
  9. allahu_snackbar

    allahu_snackbar New Member

    Hey all, name's John, don't play WoW only like watching Towelliee play it, and I'm a brony.
  10. aginho

    aginho New Member

    Yo! Hammer up from Croatia! :)
  11. Burningstars470

    Burningstars470 New Member

    Hello everyone, im Jurrien, from holland, nice to meet all towelie fans :D
  12. Evy

    Evy New Member

    Hi! I'm Evy from the Netherlands. :D I only play WoW atm. So yeah, uhhhhh, hi? :D
  13. rQii

    rQii New Member

    Hello folks :)

    Name is Jacob, from Denmark..

    And i play WoW , and whatever else i find fun at the given time :p
  14. PyrielAtlas

    PyrielAtlas New Member

    Hey all. My Name is Pyriel but I am called Pie for short. I am originally from NYC but live in Louisiana now. Love makes us do crazy things!
    I game on Xbox 360, PS4 and PC<3 I used to work in the game industry a bit but that didnt pan out. I do/did a lot of social work and some Artist work on the side but now I am just a stay at home mom ^_^
    Currently I am playing Strife and Black Flag
  15. Rivalz_

    Rivalz_ New Member

    Hello from Texas, my name is Travis. I've been watching the stream almost a year now, and I finally subbed the other day. I play pretty much everything, but mostly LoL at the moment. Favorite game all time would have to be FFX. Very much looking forward to the HD remake!!
  16. ToyCack

    ToyCack New Member

    Name's Daniel hailing from Kansas City, MO. No I don't have Google Fiber :(

    Been a long time lurker and just recently decided to sub and wondering why I haven't done so sooner :oops:

    If you ever want to play some SMITE or DawnGate, feel free to shoot me an invite, IGN is ToyCack.
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  17. Nerfme

    Nerfme New Member

    Hey's Ivo from Macedonia ( first one from my country here it seems xD ).

    Been watchin Towelliee for 2+ years but just decided to sub now and break my nonsubbing policy :)

    Not playin WoW atm but i've been playing it since vanilla ( taking a break since u know you never quit WoW you just go afk ) ... just havin fun with some LoL in the meantime hearing how my mom is promiscuous from 14 year olds.

    Anyways cya around peeps
  18. PlatinumKnight

    PlatinumKnight New Member

    David from New York. I like games, burgers, beer, and sleeping.

    Please to meet you all. Hammers Up!
  19. MightyWombat

    MightyWombat New Member

    hey im Wombat :) from norway :) subbed this month...towelliee being the first streamer i subbed to...i like the honesty he shows, differs alot from other streamers.And his outbursts makes me laugh :)
  20. Thegoodluckdude

    Thegoodluckdude New Member

    well beth you can call me fuck shit dick mother fucker, or goodluckdude for short. I cam here because i wanted to be a part of a community wich is hopefully thriving, and yea.
    let's fuck shit up

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