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Discussion in 'The Cesspool' started by bethivus, Feb 14, 2013.

  1. SnickSnack

    SnickSnack New Member

    Sup, the names Jack and im 22 year old man from sweden, my hobbys are video games, manga and visual novels.
    I have watched towelliee for a long time but this is the first time I have subscribed
  2. 88Grum

    88Grum New Member

    I'm Graham aka 88Grum on twitch, been a Towelliee fan for about 2 years. ^^
  3. Kill22pro

    Kill22pro New Member

    I'm Kill22pro, make maps using the source engine for games such as Garry's Mod, have my own YouTube account in partnership with Fullscreen (TheFutureProductionZ) and I currently study Game Development.

    towHAMUP :rolleyes:
  4. Marybopin

    Marybopin New Member

    Hello fellas and towelliee fans, My name is Torgny(random huh?) I'm 22 years old and currently living in sweden studying to become an electrician and then i have no idea. I've been playing WoW since beta and other games since i was young, The Lost Vikings was my favourite game as a young padawan :) Towelliee has been my favourite streamer since i found twitch. I've also been playing Heroes Of Newerth alot and was in EsportSM qualification 2011 i think it was and lost on the end of the tournament. Other then playing computers and watching streams i'm going skiing, riding downhill, fishing and hitting the gym. If you want to play with me sometime my steam name is Game Is Hard and sirpuc#2768 is my btag. Cya around people Peace out Hammers UP! If you ever want to pop into my channel it's :)
  5. malhavac

    malhavac New Member

    my name is carl aka milford cubicle cant wait to play dat dayz gameing scince 1984 on my kickass atari love the stream finnly subbed and lookin to some good times wit yall
  6. jebusping

    jebusping New Member

    Hello! I'm new here, been watching on and off for about 2 months. I recently just subbed and i'm looking for sub status here on forums!

    I play a variety of games, so lets chat and maybe game together!.

    I'm Tim and 24, from Canada =)
  7. Tjaswe

    Tjaswe New Member

    Hi my name is Robert but everyone calls me Granis i am 25 from Sweden.

    Owner and founder of the Swedish starcraft 2 team Sundsvalls-Finest
  8. Buttzy Boy

    Buttzy Boy New Member

    Hi my name is Luke i am 19 from the united kingdom (london) also known as buttzy boy in twitch chat been League Of Legends Player / Sony Fanboy ,watching towelliee for a good 5-6 months maybe longer just recently Subbed been loving the laughs while he plays DayZ and other games but still enjoy him raiding in WoW even though i don't play myself keep up the good work HAMMERS UP
  9. Zeken75

    Zeken75 New Member

    Hi my name is Cher, I live in California and Love to watch Towelliee stream. I sub last year on December 31 and would love to play with anyone. If u are interested please message me.
  10. MrPhizz

    MrPhizz New Member

    Hi all im MrPhizz i watch most of the time while at work occasionally play Dayz and game on ps4 and xbox 1. i just started following towelliee late last year and subscribed in the first month. Add Me on all platforms on MrPhizz for PSN and XB1 aslo Mr_Phizz on steam can't wait to interact with everyone and have a good time gaming! Hammers Up!
  11. Azt3k1ng

    Azt3k1ng New Member

    Wazzup all, I'm Yannick Aka Azt3K1ng. I play all kiind of games :D Just started streaming myself from time 2 time. And i'm a big fan of Towellieee !!
  12. MistahMeh

    MistahMeh New Member

    Hey guys, just wanted to introduce myself.

    WHO IS MISTAHMEH? I am a gamer, just like most of you. I've played games since i was a child. I Live in USA-California, play any and all types of games. Towelliee has been a long time inspiration, I have been a long time lurker until recently. You may catch me with the D3rp Squad every now n then. i Tend to twerk on random people when towelliee starts to interrogate them. I'm here For Friends and Laughs.

    If you want to play feel free to send me a message of the game and ill reply with my info.
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  13. HammerRazor

    HammerRazor New Member

    Hey guys, Hammer a.k.a. Hammerrazor from Sydney Australia. Been a long time fan and have followed the ways of the towel for a long while now. I do stream my self, games such as world of warcraft, day z, hearthstone and so on. Feel free to catch me on stream and i am happy to be apart of this subscriber forum. :D

    Hammers Up!
  14. Torettaz

    Torettaz New Member

    Hi, I’m Tore (25), from UK. Moved and currently residing in Gothenburg, Sweden. I am a former Molecular Biology and Genetics researcher, now an Art Director and Web Developer with a BA on Visual Communication and Design, currently studying MFA in Design at HDK Göteborg Universitet. Also working with various Studios and Agency's.

    Have ben playing video games since my childhood with all the amigas, commodores and atari stuff. Huge fan of various MMO’s and been only playing Tank role in all of ’em. Including 9years of experience in tanking at WoW. Been watching Towelliee for a quite bit long time now, lately decided to sub. (took me long enuff.)

    My casual hobbies are - obviously - playing games on various platforms, drumming on my free time (been playing since I was 8), reading and research a lot on science and universe, last but not least going scuba diving in summer.

    If ya people need any kind of help in games or having a visual/graphical solution needs to be taken care of, let me know.. HammersUp!
  15. Zyan6495

    Zyan6495 New Member

    My name is Wayne. I've been following towelliee since T.W.O. I'd say for a good 6months we brought back world PVP in WoW. It was some good times.

    I live in Boston, MA. South First rep'n Ghetto fab lol!! Yaaa! towHAMUP baby!!
  16. Lazyfatboi

    Lazyfatboi New Member

    hiii im 21 real name Fahmi! been watching towellie for quite awhile!! i stay in Singapore! currently playing dragon age origins!
  17. Retenrage

    Retenrage New Member

    Hey, name's Retenrage.

    I'm a nerd. That's pretty much it. My hobbies include gaming, learning about nerdy computer stuff, and asking out all the ladies. ;):);P:p:p;p;P:p;p;P:p:):);9;);))
    I'm a cashier and part-time student as well.
  18. Reigningsun

    Reigningsun New Member

    Hey, I am Mike 26 years old served in the U.S Army for 7 years and just recently ETS'd out. Currently working on finishing my degree in Homeland Security at Virginia Commonwealth University. Been a hardcore gamer since i was 8 years old and going strong. Been a sub to towelliee's channel for like 3 month's and hope to be a permasub. I go to the gym daily and like to go to the beach and enjoy the outdoors alot. I am a huge computer nerd, and know pretty much anything and everything about building/repairing pc's. If you wanna know more just let me know.
  19. Shuu37

    Shuu37 Member


    My name is Cody. I'm 20 years old living in Atlanta, Georgia. Just started playing World of Warcraft 2 weeks ago, currently a level 81 Windwalker Monk on the Ravencrest server. I've been watching Towelliee since DayZ Standalone came out, and he ended up getting me into trying out WoW, and now I'm addicted. :)
  20. slamOflage

    slamOflage New Member

    Hammers Up Bitches! My name is Matt, I play iRacing a lot and love watching Towelliee!

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