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Discussion in 'The Cesspool' started by bethivus, Feb 14, 2013.

  1. bethivus

    bethivus New Member

    My name is Beth. Huge Towelliee fan... I have limited internet, but when I can I love playing games online. How about you?
  2. LegendaryPlays

    LegendaryPlays New Member

    Zach aka "LegendaryPlays". I'm a long time viewer short time subscriber. I play mainly LoL trying to climb to diamond tier this season. I've played world of warcraft all the way up through cata but have not tried MoP, but might give that a go here soon. I'm always looking for people to hang out with and play games with!

    Hammers up!
  3. Bruskardk

    Bruskardk Member

    I'm bruskardk been subbed since september watching since july. I play a lot of WoW, but I do play other games, and I watch towelliee while playing them all.
  4. Cat Box

    Cat Box New Member

    Herro everybody
  5. bingobear

    bingobear Member

  6. rydermike

    rydermike New Member

    I'm Mike, I am from Texas. I live stream every now and then. nice to meet ya'll ;)
  7. Bluespartz

    Bluespartz Member

    Yo this is Bluespartz, I am from England. I have been gaming since the nes era. I am currently a football coach and I am a ex player myself but had to retire early because of my knee. The games I play range from football manager to WoW. Been watching towiellie for about a month and all I can say is what a guy.
  8. Llerrok

    Llerrok New Member

    Hey, I'm Kevin and I live in Florida. Born gamer. Trying to finish my education at UCF, I watch Towelliee whenever I can. Nice to meet you all!
  9. Jardon00

    Jardon00 Member

    I'm Jeremy aka "Jardon00" from chat, I've been a gamer pretty much my whole life, since way back to the Atari console days. I've been watching Towelliee since the beginning and try to whenever I can, which hasnt been much lately because of work, but I have some more free time now so I'll be around alot more. I am in Florida currently, but planning a move to NC soon I hope. I am mainly playing WoW atm, but I play a ton of other PC games sparringly, atm when I'm not on WoW, I'm usually on Defiance Alpha.
  10. Centhar

    Centhar New Member

    Hi im Centhar new to Wow and somewhat new to towelliee's stream nice to meet you all. :D
  11. Dennis

    Dennis New Member

    Hello, I'm Dennis from Sweden. I don't stream but I love to watch others do it and I have no experince in this thing you call ''Real life'':p Well, what can I say? I love to play games, mostly MMORP, atm I play GW1 and thinking about starting with World of Warcraft again after a 3 months break, and it's nice to meet you!
  12. kangaxx_ahnqirajeu

    kangaxx_ahnqirajeu New Member

    Marcelo, from Montevideo Uruguay, 33 yrs old

    and i like boobs
  13. Blastmunky

    Blastmunky New Member

    Alex, Blastmunky from chat, living in Texas, 33 yo.
  14. Lepi

    Lepi Member

    Always down to play games wit ya. I play LoL and WoW
  15. Lepi

    Lepi Member

    Joseph (lepi8400 twitch) from Washington. Been watching Towelliee forever. I play WoW and LoL, limited to games cause i have a outdated laptop lol. :(

    Hammers UP!!!!
  16. TheUnknowing

    TheUnknowing Member

    The Unknowing, i go by DJ irl, im 20 i have been gaming since i was 2 and i have been watching towelliee since he started streaming on justin, also i have been playing WoW since BC
  17. Zanaku

    Zanaku New Member

    Hey everyone, I'm back, i have been away for awhile doing real life stuff. Anyways, Im Zanaku, many may know me from the stream as a mage from Midwinter who ran with Towelliee on a few of his LFR groups. I took a break recently and am not playing WoW atm but I am back to the stream; been subbed for a long time and a viewer for a long time. Over 2 years now i think.
  18. Kuari999

    Kuari999 Member

    Kuari, 25 year old college student for computer programming and from Minnesota. Trying out live streaming a bit and pretty much watch Towelliee for sub sunday since he's enjoyable to watch and I'm not really a fan of WoW (but not going to bash it beyond that). Nice to meet you all.
  19. Toss88

    Toss88 New Member

    Hi I'm Ross and I'm new to the sub club and already loving it! I live in the middle of Florida and love EDM.
  20. B_Dubz

    B_Dubz New Member

    Hi, My name is Ben, i'm 29. I am a Towelliee follower since late 2011, on and off again subscriber. I'm from Hawai'i but just moved to Florida. I love to play video games, I build PC's for a hobby. I started streaming 2 months ago and really starting to enjoy doing it. While I have never played WoW, it doesn't stop me from watching someone else play the game, I hope that doesn't turn some of the community members away from conversing and wanting to team up with me in games and streaming.
    Mahalo, and I am happy to be here. Hammers Up!!!!

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