Implementing Twitch faces in the forum?

Discussion in 'The Cesspool' started by Warsteiner101, Feb 12, 2013.

  1. Warsteiner101

    Warsteiner101 New Member

    (As there is no General Discussion yet I'm gonna post this one here)

    Is it possible to implement the Twitch faces in the forum? Or is there some sort of "copyright" on them?
    I really miss my Kappa [​IMG]
  2. Sp4rkS

    Sp4rkS New Member

    We want Kappa!
  3. IccyCold

    IccyCold Member

    In Kappa We Trust
  4. Christianr92

    Christianr92 Member

    I just want kreygasm haha
  5. Bruskardk

    Bruskardk Member

    I hope we get some twitch faces on here atleast the ones that are used most often don't really need all of them.
  6. muhbuhtuh

    muhbuhtuh Member

    Kappa, Kreygasm, PogChamp, BibleThump

    thanks :D
  7. bingobear

    bingobear Member

  8. Skyliner

    Skyliner Moderator

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