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Discussion in 'Hammer Squad Stream Team' started by katiegaming, Jun 23, 2013.

  1. katiegaming

    katiegaming Moderator Staff Member

    Please write here if i missed you if you are a hammer squad streamer. Its hard to keep track of everyone who does stream often! so let me know if i missed you!! <3333
  2. Megabrickz

    Megabrickz New Member

    I just got accepted into the Hammer Squad :)
  3. Kandosii

    Kandosii Member

    Just joined today. I think I've JUST recovered from the 27 simultaneous heart attacks

  4. I just got invited last night :D
  5. thagoris

    thagoris New Member

    Another new member! Just got my acceptance this evening. Soon as I finish pounding down these rum and cokes I'm power chugging in celebration I'm good ;)
  6. LordNevar

    LordNevar Moderator Staff Member

    I updated those listed here, Katie can adjust it or change it anytime she wants :)
  7. ReclaimJoey

    ReclaimJoey New Member

    I just joined The Hammer Squad stream team! Stoked to be a member! Hammers Up!
  8. Syless Necole

    Syless Necole New Member

    Joined a few weeks ago, more than excited!
  9. LordNevar

    LordNevar Moderator Staff Member

    If you are now a member of THS and do not have a forum thread please send me a pm on here so I can adjust this for you. I am having tons of internet issue so I am not able to be on as much anymore, but I am working as best as I can to accommodate this inconvenience.
    Thank You.

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