I think people are overlooking ESO a bit

Discussion in 'Gaming Discussion' started by Draconic, Feb 7, 2014.

  1. Draconic

    Draconic Member

    Yes I know, all the hate for ESO has been in chat for weeks now. Every time Towelliee or someone in chat brings it up, the hatebandwagon starts up. But I've been with Elder Scrolls since Morrowwind and people are taking the ESO suckage the wrong way. Arbiter linked a Forbes article that I'm going to quote first of all. The person who wrote it got quite a thrashing. So let me get started...

    Firstly, since when did Bioware say it wanted to compete with WoW? I never heard that.

    Of course it didn't bring much to the table. The questing is well designed. Did people really expect a new MMO when WoW has invented almost everything that there is to invent? However to this day SWTOR is STILL doing successfully good with it's current model and still has a stready playerbase.

    They wont? Then why do people still pay for SWTOR? Why do people still pay for FF XIV if the P2P is so outdated? People have been paying $15 to WoW for years. I'm sure ESO won't hurt their wallet. It won't hurt my wallet much. Yes I agree that there should be a F2P/P2P model as far as consoles are concerned because on top of the monthly or yearly fee XBL Gold and the PSN give, that may or may not be a lot for gamers to handle.

    Actually, no they won't. Some players who played SWTOR stopped because to them, it was a clone of WoW and brought nothing new. For others it did and for the current players, they are still enjoying it. Mind you I've spend over 3k in WoW subscription fees and I've played for the past 8 years?It is not bad business at all if you think about it for a minute.

    Who asks for MMO's in general? People say what MMO's they would like, but no one really asks for an MMO. It just happens. Zenimax is doing very well with ESO if I might add.

    All games aren't bug free.....

    The monthly sub fee model is dead? Um...how? WoW hasn't gone F2P, FF XIV hasn't gone F2P, so how exactly is it dead? Many are coming away less then impressed? That may be but what about the thousands of others that are enjoying it? It though was not a "strange decision" as he calls it because Warcraft jumped from an RTS to an MMO and it's still thriving?

    This is the reason I don't trust Forbes for anything gaming, their editors do not know a damn thing...

    Now onto all the ESO hate and addressing that. People don't agree with ESO because of one thing. It feels too much like Skyrim. To be honest, it does feel like Skyrim and seeing as how I loved Skyrim to death, and over 400+ hours on 4 different save files. I'm gonna love ESO. ESO is run on a hero engine like SWTOR. But the model they are using is Skyrim and why? It's the most current and most to date model. That's why the combat, the looting, the FPV and the 3rd person view looks like Skyrim because it's using Skyrims model and mechanics. However on the MMO side, the action bars, and abilities are the only different thing. ESO won't introduce anything new, not that I've seen because it simply cannot. WoW has invented....almost everything you can get in an MMO. Wildstars player housing is WoW's garrisons. If you want a different kind of MMO, you are going to be waiting a while.

    Also, the monthly subscribtion model people aren't liking either. I can see why because XBL is monthy/yearly and so is PSN and people don't want to pay that on top of their Gold subscription or their PSN subscription. So I can see why a monthly and F2P like SWTOR has would work for ESO.

    Next thing is a comment on the Forbes article explaining what ESO is going to cater too and it's a good question. What is it going to cater too. The MMO crowd or the TES crowd? Well put it this way. WoW evolved from the RTS series and that's practically the same thing ESO is doing is evolving from the TES SP series. WoW's playerbase came from the RTS and current fans that are a fan of the franchise now. The same thing will happen with ESO. Fans from TES that are loyal to TES will form the playerbase on ESO and eventually it will pull players in who want to try a new MMO. So I think it will cater to both crowds.

    Anyway, like it or dislike it. ESO I think will be successful regardless of the hate. People hated on FF XIV and SWTOR and to this day both of those MMO's are still successful with a steady playerbase. I've been playing it and it has changed A TON since the last patch. Not going to go into any details since it's under NDA but I can say I will enjoy it. The beta's have been simply stress tests too so there really is anything to judge, but to each their own.
  2. Eneroth

    Eneroth Member

    All I know is that I tried ESO beta and honestly I can't stand the game. MMO combat that uses left and right clicks are honestly not an MMO I am interested in. Don't get me wrong, the graphics look amazing, but the game play is very slow. But that's just how I feel about it.

    I know ESO will be a success for all the people who simply love Elder Scrolls.
  3. Draconic

    Draconic Member

    That's what I'm saying. ESO has Skyrims mechanics that may disinterest people because of the classic left and right mouse clicks. It's not usual for an MMO.
  4. Siwel

    Siwel New Member

    I quite enjoyed the beta to be honest, yeah it did feel like Skyrim, but I loved Skryim anyway! Will I pay to play the game, most likely not at the moment unfortunately. People be entitled to their opinions haha, some people like it and some don't, it's the same for everywhere you look.
  5. KonradGM

    KonradGM Member

    im trying to see past level 10 and try pvp, my concern is like yeah it is skyrim with more people but i dont wanna pay sub fee to play skyrim, pay once ok but paying fee for it? no thank you
  6. Siwel

    Siwel New Member

    I agree with that actually, perhaps a one time payment, but that's it. Alas, we can say this but we won't exactly be noticed by ESO haha. I love the idea of going off to hunt with your friends, kind of like a live bigger Monster Hunter type of thing. But who knows, time can only tell how this game will pan out.
  7. TheUnknowing

    TheUnknowing Member

    I love the Elder Scrolls game series, and honestly i just do not believe it belongs in an MMO format, i have played the beta and i did not enjoy playing it, not alone at least, i had fun with it when i was playing it with my brother but thats just because we fucked around within it, i think the elder scrolls series is much better off just being a single person console game.
  8. wordian

    wordian New Member

    I know several people who will play it. I will not as I do not think it fits as a MMO game for me.
    People will always complain and bitch about games and when you release a MMO people will automatically compare it to WoW no matter what.
    Best is if you can try it out in the beta and get your own opinion about it which I have.
    TESO has some very bad bugs this late in the beta testing but will hopefully be worked out. I do hope the game does well but I will not play it.
  9. Draconic

    Draconic Member

    To be honest, I thought about that a while back, even before the name was even registered. And I think that's a lot of the negativity towards it. People don't think a SP game can be an MMO, nor were they expecting it. I can also believe the negativity around the sub fee and like I said, People who have XBL and PSN may not want to dish out the fee. Like my OP I mentioned that Zenimax could infact try a F2P/Sub fee model like ToR has right now, and that may be successful. Developers can change their business model however as Bioware did so we'll see what happens.

    Thanks everyone though for the positive posts. I wasn't making this thread to turn everyones opinion around. It's just some of the negativity I was trying to clear up by countering the article from Forbes.
  10. TurboT0mmy

    TurboT0mmy New Member

    I think the game is awesome
  11. MrPhizz

    MrPhizz New Member

    I Got a beta code for this weekend i hit level 6 so far. I like it so far but I'm not sure if i want to pay 60 and 15 a month and then another 60 if i want a ps4 copy. Still need some more time to make a final decision.
  12. Siwel

    Siwel New Member

    Exactly the same, I have enjoyed playing the game, I like the idea of playing the game with my friends, but not for the price they are presenting us with.

    And saying it shouldn't change from the SP base that TES has always been, has no one else ever wanted to play on the game with a friend? Hardest difficulty dungeon runs or just simply hunt a dragon? A pack of werewolves?

    Sometimes the change is good, though I don't like the idea of one massive server, as areas that are going to be the natural beauties of ESO will be swarming with players (or so I think). But I'm curious to see the outcome of the game when it's been out for a few months and see everyone's opinions. Sorry for massive post haha!
  13. TheUnknowing

    TheUnknowing Member

    For me MMO's are about dungeons and raiding, i just dont know how ESO will provide that, hell for all i know ESO can have the best fucking dungeons and raiding in the world and if it does that is good, we will just have to see but until thats confirmed for me, im just not extremely interested in the MMO aspect of an elder scrolls game.
  14. FuriousFlex

    FuriousFlex Member

    The game seems too bland. Not enough excitement. Yes, the typical questing, I get that, but just seems too generic. You walk around while nothing to fight on the way. It feels empty. Combat wasn't to responsive. To me this is a cash cow game.
  15. KonradGM

    KonradGM Member

    game defienietly drags WAY to much , thee is a quest where you need to find some guy in a cave and aftr you gfind him you go to posesed items with gonna show ghosts etc, problem ismap dont show you this guy so i walked for an ohur in a cave touching everything [yes the things with later are relevant to the questt] just to realise i needed to walk really close to frozen wall on the left of the entereance after that it was ujast walk there walk here, but there are a lot of weird quests, to much space beetween them, it seriously is marathoning , and when the hwole your town is under war thing happened it was just 1 fire and few enemy npc, with was quite a letdown, now combat i actually liked, kinda more arcadish skyrim withouth cool stuff about it but still fun especially in first person, and crafting was my favorite part of the game, i never seen crafting done this way and i like it, i wanted to try pvp on 10 but after i got to 5 and on the second island it was sooo draging out i just couldnt make it.
  16. Chooseday

    Chooseday New Member

    I don't understand why people attempt to defend ESO. It's pretty horrific. If you get to the core of it, it's intended to be an MMO themed around the Elderscrolls lore. The gameplay is nothing like Elderscrolls, neither are the graphics, it's just a typical MMO game with Elderscrolls lore. Reasonable, right? Well, not really, as ESO isn't a very good MMO compared to other MMO's currently on the market and in development (WILDSTAR, AHEM), plus it doesn't feel like any of the previous Elderscrolls games either. So what you've got here is a company that tried to please everyone, and has pleased nobody. They bit off more than they could chew really.
  17. TheUnknowing

    TheUnknowing Member

    Completely agree, i think they tried to take on a market that the game series cant really handle, the game series itself has never been something developed around a multi player time setting and to take that and try to turn it into an mmo is very difficult to do you can do it absolutely right and get an amazing outcome from it or it can go horribly wrong like ESO kind of has, i certainly agree that they bit off alot more than they can chew and while i think ESO will have its dedicated player base i dont believe it will be too big, im sure the game will have alot of people playing at launch but after its free thirty days it will drop drastically like most new MMO's except i just feel like this one will be a little worse.
  18. Zach Parsons

    Zach Parsons Member

    I love the elder scrolls. Oblivion was one of my favorite games from the past generation of consoles and pc games. I was even really excited for Skyrim. Then I played skyrim, and I don't know if it was just me...but the story was lacking, and so much more boring than oblivion imo. Literally the only thing that I liked about skyrim, was casting while moving. I played ESO, again really excited. I know I didn't give it long to impress me, but I was so unimpressed and bored within the first hour that I just uninstalled and haven't looked back. I would really like it to be good, because it would be nice to get a break from wow. But I just don't know if it's the game for me.
  19. FuriousFlex

    FuriousFlex Member

    [​IMG]EsO... in other words...to sum it up nicely for everybody here debating :)
  20. Zach Parsons

    Zach Parsons Member

    Agreed, I will stick with being the dragonborn on the stick of truth1 Kappa

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