I can't access sub forums.

Discussion in 'The Cesspool' started by Blktoothgrin, Apr 25, 2014.

  1. Blktoothgrin

    Blktoothgrin New Member

    i don't know who to contact to check about this, but I have done what the new sub letter told me to a couple of days ago. I still have no access to sub forums. Who should I contact about this?

    EDIT: Twitch name is same as username here
  2. Oleered

    Oleered New Member

    me Either how do i get access?
  3. Blktoothgrin

    Blktoothgrin New Member

  4. karasseram

    karasseram New Member

    Same here tied my account to twitch and still can't see sub forums.
  5. McNasty

    McNasty New Member

    also can't see sub forums T_T i have so much OC Food Porn
  6. Mythio

    Mythio New Member

    well damn - guess i have to make a new account here, cuz my Twitch name is Mythiox - didn't know had to be the same, since i use Mythio on everything in less its taken. i use Mythiox or Mythioz

    Edit: i fixed it -
  7. JessyQuil

    JessyQuil New Member

    I can't access the sub forums either. Twitch name is same as forums name. The URL above is broken and I don't see another way.
  8. LordNevar

    LordNevar Moderator Staff Member

    I am currently looking into this issue.
  9. LordNevar

    LordNevar Moderator Staff Member

  10. DoctorPentakill

    DoctorPentakill New Member

    Yea I just tried it and it works thanks! Now I can post my application for The Hammer Squad. I like your style LordNevar!
  11. broomba

    broomba New Member

    I get an error clicking the link that Lordnevar posted above. Sub only option or stuff just disappeared.

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