Hounds Online: The Last Hope

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    A Unique Gaming Experience: Hounds Online: The Last Hope

    Hounds Online is a game developed by Netmarble EMEA and Reborn Games cooperation. Unlike many other online games, it will catch your attention quickly with its new generation graphic effects and adaptability. Due to a virus suddenly hitting the world, the nature of mankind has broken down. Living spaces for people on the earth are about to be ended by the infected and they have no mean to stop.

    The world needs its hero to be saved. What you are expected in other respects is to defend it. However, you must know, those infected creatures know nothing but ending the existence in the world. The game offers you or your team a joyful gaming experience. Correct! You are able to build a team and fight till the last drop of your blood with your friends. Let us start with Hounds Registration!

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