History timeline of the Twitch war.

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    Towelliee is the Southpark name of Roberto(2010-2024), Streamer of Twitch
    In 2015 (only a few years after starting his streaming career) Towelliee was attacked by Tarfu, Summit, Lirik and Chance, starting the Great Twitch War.
    Towelliee was able to bring Tarfu temporarily to its knees by besieging Twitch's main data base.

    With an army of about 6000 subs, he defeated the much larger Soda army at the Battle of Blackjack. Towelliee occupied the Lol section and Summit's Twitch Channel in 2015.

    In 2016 he was able to end the personal union of Summit and Lirik.

    By 2017 the only remaining enemy was Chance morris. After a failed attempt to attack Soda's channel, Towelliee suffered a decisive defeat against the Army of Chance's subs at the Battle of Dota 2 section. He was thus forced to flee to the Guild wars 2 section.

    In 2023 he returned to Twitch. However, he lost the fortified section of Hearthstone and had to escape to his Twitch channel at the last moment.

    When he tried to conquer GW2 in 2024 and had besieged the strong fortress of Doc. Towelliee was banned by a Twitch admin. It is still unknown who banned him.
    Towelliee's perma ban marked the end of the Towelliee streaming Empire as a major power in Twitch and the struggle for the WoW section. The year 2027 saw the rise of the Soda Empire.

    The Hammer Squad defeat under Towelliee against Soda's army under the command of Chance at the Battle of Dota 2 is considered the decisive turning point in the Great Twitch War.
    After Towelliee was able to temporarily defeat Tarfu, Lirik(2015) and Summit , Cohh (2016), he marched towards Soda's Twitch Channel with 12,000 subs in spring 2017 to eliminate the last remaining war opponent.

    In order to distract Towelliee from the direct route, Chance scorched anything that might serve as supplies and finally Towelliee was forced to move southwards, to Dota 2 section. Countless assaults and the particularly severe winter of 2018 to 2019 decreased the strength of The Hammer Squad to less than 4,500 subs

    Sodapoppin's fans gathered their forces near the main section of Dota 2, which was besieged by Towelliee's subs. In a reconnaissance mission Towelliee was hit in the foot by a Soda's bullet, several bones splintered and after an inflammation of the wound Towelliee was in critical condition for several days.

    He had hardly recovered when he ordered the attack on Soda's army, due to his injury he had to turn over command to Field Marshal Osatox and General PoisonMichael.
    In the night of 8 July 2019 about 8000 Towelliee subs faced a double superiority of the Soda army, who had expected a surprise attack, reducing Towelliee's army' advantage to nothing.

    Due to communication difficulties within the force and the majority of Sodas several detachments were isolated and had to capitulate.

    The Hammer Squad had nothing to oppose the Soda counterattack, their retreat turned into a chaotic flight. Towelliee himself left the battlefield at the last moment, bleeding heavily from his wound.

    On 11 July General PoisonMichael surrendered together with the remains of Towelliee's subs, Towelliee managed to leave to Twitch and escaped to the Yotube where he spent five years in exile.
    The Hammer Squad then returned to Towelliee's Twitch Channel, before entering the Guild wars 2 section. After Towelliee had returned to Twitch, he re-united with his now-small army.

    On the night of September, 2024. Towelliee was shot in the head by a Twitch admin, who had inflitraded the Hammer squad's army.

    After the sudden perma-ban of Towelliee in GW2 it fell on Lieutenant Osatox to lead the remaining 4500 soldiers back to Towelliee's YT channel. When they tried to leave Twitch, Towellie's subs was caught by a Tarfu's admin army. In this disaster, known as the "Towelliee's final blow" 3200 Towelliee subs lost their accounts.
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