HEX the Heartstone Killer

Discussion in 'Gaming Discussion' started by FuriousFlex, Jun 9, 2013.

  1. FuriousFlex

    FuriousFlex Member

    Well, if that Title wasn't catchy enough then i don't know what !!!!!

    the new card game called HEX is on the way.. an Ex blizzard is making it.. check it out
  2. Pattzer

    Pattzer Member

    Maybe im a noob n TCG but this looks exactly like MTG , or am I totally wrong? D: WEll except for the champion things
  3. FuriousFlex

    FuriousFlex Member

    ya, i watched this i was like okay.. not bad.. then i watched heartstone gameplay.. i change my mind.. i want the cards to come to life... like the actual characters in a 3d model.
  4. ArbiterX

    ArbiterX Member

    I'm only playing Hearthstone cause its Warcraft related, If it wasn't I prbly wouldn't have any interest in it.
  5. Jardon00

    Jardon00 Member

    I backed HEX on Kickstarter, it's a really promising looking game, and I really like the Cryptozoic people anyway

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