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Discussion in 'Wildstar' started by Lady Dvyne, May 6, 2014.

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    I am a few questions about WildStar Healing for those who have played extensively.

    1. Would you liken the Medic to a Holy Paladin or Disc Priest (WoW)?

    2. As a healer, who will play solo, would it be smarter/safer to level as dps (more dps abilities than support)?

    3. Healing PVE ... is it better to go full Heal Amps or H/S Amps? Is this answer class dependent?

    4. All around healer ... Med, SS, or Esp?

    5. Shield Healing ... Med only?

    6. Besides the dev site is there a comprehensive site where I can read up on healing in WildStar yet?
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  3. Lady Dvyne

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    Thank you JJ for the links. I replied from my phone, but duhhhhhh that didn't work here lol. I will check these out.

    Thanks again and see you on Nexus (i hope!)
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    I would honestly just google and start doing reading. Better yet I would play during Open beta unless you are opposed to spoilers but even then getting to 15 with at least each heals won't ruin much of anything for you and will probably help you more then hurt if you are gonna be in guild.

    No one but you is gonna be able to pick which heals you want to play. I will healing in guild and will be playing Medic.

    There is upsides and downsides to EVERY healing class. That is why you have to find which best suits you. There is no class that has only upside.

    I am now quoting a website I found because I am to lazy to type this out when someone has done it already lol.

    Lets Start with the Esper

    Pros: For Pve:

    • He has alot of cool downs to help him deal with alot of constant damage , abilities such as Fixation / Meditate.
    • Phantasmal armor - Great CD to have on low cd so can use each pull or during boss enrages - periods of higher damage.
    • He has heals that you can pre-plan and place for your team such as Mirage/ Dislodged essence
    • Increases healing of all healers with Mind over
    Cons for PVE:

    • Light armor ( Personally i dont rate armor as highly in pve for a healer)
    • Alot of standing still heals - Mind over/ Mirage/Dislodged essence/Warden. ( Now ofc you can spec other more instant abilities but from my experience they wont heal as much or be as efficient - i have not seen the proper stats to state this tho so correct me if im wrong) -Staying still this much in a telegraph heavy game might mean you have to cancel heals mid cast due to re-positioning.
    • He has no ability to heal shields so as a healer you stand there waiting for shields to drop and then start your jobs keeping your allies at max 80% of their total endurance. - im i wrong here?

    Pros for PVE:

    • All 3 of his utility probes will be looked for in raid groups and essential in a lot of fights to meet dps requirements( if any?) or help your raid survive. Spellslinger provide the damage buff but not the defensive buff so medic> spellslinger in this case depending again on action set.
    • Provides damage while healing instead of damage instead of healing as other classes which sometimes can be the difference in downing a boss and leaving him on 3% or less.
    • All his heals can be used while moving - great for high mobility fights which is what wildstar will be based around?
    • He can heal shields not just HP ) Shield Surge
    • 2 good aoe heals in Healing nova and repair station for specific uses or downtime in boss fights or after an intense telegraph damage ability - Repair station can be used in safe zones during boss telegraphs to heal those that have taken damage from the ability or reset hp bars to continue the fight - great time to use Shield surge to also apply shields to top players up even more.
    • Barrier - the phantasmal armor of the medic. Barrier restores shields and hp and shields instead of an absorb which in my eyes is more usefyk depending on the amount given in each case.
    Cons for PVE:

    • If your pugging you might have a problem if people dont stack in areas - as in alot of problems. Especially if melee stand on 5 different areas around the boss so they can see their characters.
    • Will have to reposition to heal ranges - and again if not standing together you might be trying to find "Wally" alot in your raids. Pugging might again be a nightmare here. 40man raids - this might be a massive problem to find you man. These are the only cons i can see, please say more if you can think of any?


    Pros PVE:

    • Alot of cds to keep yourself alive vs high damage times or when you mess up and caught in bad places such as Phase shift/ Void Slip/ Gate
    • Can prehot tanks or raid members before fights with Healing salve/ Distortion
    • Can Heal shields if distortion is tied up
    • Brings Dual fire ( unique to this healer or will dps spellslingers pick this up? if so then irrelevant and no Pro given here) and Void Pact ( Medic have) to raids
    • Astral Infusion - shares cd with phantasmal armor and Barrier ( Until we know the stats on these abilities its hard to judge which will be best to use) yet i feel 1 will be better then others and thus preferred over others during the worst times in fights
    Cons PVE:

    • A lot of his heals heal the spellslinger and his "closest ally - Healing Salve/ Vitality Burst/Sustain/ Healing torrent
    • I would assume this would not make him a great tank healer and would be very hard to heal pug raids as unlike the medic which finds it hard enough already - spellslinger will have to make sure their target is the closest ally in order to heal them which will be very hard in times of high mobility and people are running through you a lot.
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    Entreped, thank you for the detailed response along with your determination to get this post on the forum!!!

    You're soo right! And duhh I knew this, but I guess hearing it again helps LOL. In fact my last few beta runs being with esper, I find myself wanting to heal raids as medic. They seem to be catching a lot of flak on the forums and different sites, but nevertheless I am still convinced they are the better fit for me (but i struggle with them now lol... go figure).

    I'll figure it out and yes, I have been googling my ass off. I have clicked on links that I question if they are legit (safe) trying to get as much info as I can. I have even watch pvp gameplay vids as there seem to be less pve available. I have watched twitch streams for medic gameplays venturing out to other class gameplay streams or vids once I exhausted that search.

    Am I pumped for this game? Hell yea. I haven't been this excited over a game release since SWTOR. Another spacey sci fi mmo? Sign me up!!!

    Did she just say "spacey?" Yes I did! *nods*

    Pssst ... I still plan to run an esper to end game. *rubs her hands together excitedly*
    (I know I'm a dork shhhhh)
  6. Entreped

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    Haha you are welcome.

    Honestly I really enjoy how all the healers are designed in the sense that they are all going to have to work closely together to viably heal raids. Each healer is going to shine in his or her own regard in the raid environment, and we are going to need good ones of each. I am planning to go Medic right now but if I find out come raid that we have like (Purely example) 9 medics 1 esper 1 spell, I may end up going esper or something just for the sake of the raid group.

    I love a space themed MMO as well. I played SWTOR on release and got server first 50 Powertech. I formed my own guild with the next people to hit level 50 and we immediately began gearing up and recruiting. I only played for 7 months though cause I felt the end game was extremely lacking. They have come out with quite a lot of content since then but it is to little to late so I am definitely ready for Wildstar. Space themes in general are my favorite. I love space! (Mentioned this in my intro post but my favorite show is Stargate SG-1. A group of people crossing space going planet to planet. I can't get enough of the idea.)

    I am a dork to it is ok :)
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  7. Lady Dvyne

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    ^5 to the Dorks!!!

    I agree with you about the versatility of the healing toolset offered by the different healing classes. I miss that in WoW. With each expansion the healers seem to look more and more the same with cosmetics being the main difference if they keep this line of class design.

    I completely welcome the "niche" healing! Can you say "resonators (and psy-blade) are bad ass as hell?!?"

    Omg the tank has no pulse!

    Medic "Stand back. Let me shock this fool!"

    pulsating sound effect is heard
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    Thanks for the links and the info :)

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