Hammer Squad Rift Update 8/3/13

Discussion in 'Hammer Squad Guilds' started by Comedy, Aug 3, 2013.

  1. Comedy

    Comedy New Member

    Good work team. We are sitting 2/4 FT 3rd boss at 40% on a half night of attempts. First boss down in EE with only 19 people! Kane next.
    The raid teams are coming together nicely.

    For those that might be interested in raiding in Rift you can get in touch with me in game on DrLexus.

    20 man raids Fri and Saturday night 8pm eastern 5 pacific(servertime)
    10 man raids Thursday- Team Sparkle Buttfuck Ponies, Monday- Team Canada 8pm eastern 5 pacific.

    We will be starting up a 3rd 10 man soon for anyone new or for alts. Day/Time TBA
  2. Leeca

    Leeca Member

    We are still looking for solid cleric healers. We have a couple people at 60 gearing up, but it would be better to have more clerics than be short.
  3. Comedy

    Comedy New Member

    2 down in EE now.
  4. LuckyJT

    LuckyJT New Member

    Are there still any active member in rift in this guild? Im starting new toons for 3.0 as well as my two level 60's on seastone. would love to get at least 1 in to play with the HS.

  5. Kromede

    Kromede New Member

    no, i am the guild leader. don't bother with the guild because nobody plays. you can still get an invite for leveling perks but without other players it makes no sense. sorry

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